Photo taken of Lincoln Way in Iowa State University's Campustown looking east about a block west of the Welch Avenue intersection on June 18, 1962. Lincoln Way was still a two-lane street and this was one of a series of photographs taken for the Iowa Highway Commission in preparation for the widening of the Ames thoroughfare. Stores on the south side of the street include the Ben Franklin Variety Store at 2532 Lincoln Way, in the far right of the photo, followed by Hill Studio photographers, the Anderson Beauty Salon, Wally's Pipe & Gift Shop, the Campus Shoe Service, Swank's Jewelry, The Sport Shop (men's clothing), some offices, Town & Campus (women's clothing), the Campus Cafe with Louie's Barber shop in the basement, the Pizza House restaurant, Borron Barber Shop, and The Pipe Shop which sold pipes and smoking products, magazines, and newspapers and occupied the store on the southwest corner of Welch and Linoln Way. Across Welch Avenue can be seen the sign for the Ames Theater. (Photo is courtesy of the Iowa Department of Transportation)


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