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Picture taken in 1983 to commemorate the donation of two new diving boards for the renovated Carr Pool (previously known as Carr's Pool) by the Noon Ames Kiwanis Club. The representatives of the club standing in front of the Carr Pool sign are:left to right, Art Gowan, who had been the registrar at Iowa State University from 1951-1963; Rodney Fox, retired from the Department of Journalism at ISU; and Lloyd Kurtz, long-time activist in the Ames park system.

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Art Gowan and Lloyd Kurtz standing in front of the Carr Pool (previously called Carr's Pool) sign in 1983. Gowan and Kurtz are representing the Ames Noon Kiwanis Club which had donated the funds to build two diving boards at the newly renovated swimming pool. See also: 76.391.4 and 76.391.5 for different photographs of the same subject matter.


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