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The women of the First Congregational Church Ladies Aid club posed on the steps of the Sixth Street entrance of the church sometime in 1903. The woman in a black dress and hat in the lower left of the photograph is Cynthia O. Duff. The man in the bow tie in the extreme lower left corner is the Rev. Horace D. Heer, who was the minister of the church from 1903 to 1906. Others present that day (though not all are visible in this portion of the photo)were: Emma Tilden, Gertrude Herr, Agnes Tilden, Mary Tilden, Rachael Rex, Ruth Cook, Mary Tilden Brown, W. P. George, Mary George, Mary Greeley, Ed Rex, Winona Tinsley, Winifred Tilden, Lillian Brown Loughran, Ina Morphy Tilden, Mrs. John Mather, Lydia Cooper Tilden, Grace Tinsley, and Laura Kyle.


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