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In 1951, the McFarland Building, the home since 1946 of the McFarland Clinic, was expanded from its original one-story building to increase its first-floor space and to add a second story. The partners had also expanded from its five founders (Guy E. McFarland and his two sons, Ernie McFarland and Julian McFarland; plus ear-nose-throat doctor, Oral L. Thorburn, and obstetrician, David Wall, Sr.) In 1962, with twenty-two physicians, the McFarland Clinic moved into its new facility at 1215 Duff Avenue where it remains today [2007]--with 191 doctors in 35 specialties, and over 1000 employees working in the main building and 16 offices in 12 communities. The building in this photograph is now the office (313 and 315 Fifth Street) of Iowa Newspaers, Inc., the publisher of the "[Ames] Tibune" and other small newspapers.


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