Citation: 128.704.5-6 (Full image size: 92Kb)

Northeast corner of Main Street, at the Kellogg Avenue corner, before the Odd Fellows Building burned (December, 1917). Carr Hardware is shown in its original location on the north side of Main Street (at left, in the photo). Beyond the hardware store is the tall Odd Fellows Building which also housed the offices of I. J. Scott, attorney, and F. F. Rodgers, real estate agent. The smoke stack from the Ames power plant is seen in the background, thus orienting the photo toward the east. Notice the electric lighting, which was relatively new, on the corner of Kellogg & Main. Horse and cart as well as many automobiles are seen on the street. This photo is the right side of a panoramic (for the left side, see 34.173.1 and 126.696.1-5). (See also: 128.705.1 and 183.1034.4)


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