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From 1907 (the year the streetcar tracks were laid on Onondaga [Main] Street) panoramic of the north side of Onondaga. This portion shows the entrance to the Union National Bank on the northwest corner of Douglas Avenue and Onondaga, on the right side of photograph. In the two and a half lots just west of the bank is the Tilden Store. Judisch Brothers Drug Store adjoins Tilden's, to the west (Bros. part of its sign shows on the left of this photo). The front of Tilden's was rebuilt in 1918 with a then-modern facade which would remain throughout the remaining life of the store, which discontinued business in 1971.

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South side of Onondaga near Douglas corner from 1907 panoramic photo, showing Cupps & Cupps Millenery, a drug store, dentist office, and the Wettstein Tailoring Co.


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