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Joel E. Cagwin was the proprietor of Cagwin's Drug Store which operated at 225 Main Street in the east half of the Odd Fellows building. That building burned in 1917, but Cagwin continued in the new building at the same site until 1931. This cartoon is part of a series, "Our Men of Affairs," which ran in the "Ames Evening Times" in 1917. The print with the cartoon says: "When 17 he had a job in a cheese factory back in New York where he was born. He came to Boone, Iowa, from New York in September, 1887, learned to be a druggist and engaged in business for himself. Then in Carroll for 14 months and in Story City for 6 years, coming to Ames in October, 1903. Member of the Iowa Pharmaceutical Association and has not missed a meeting in fifteen years. Mighty few druggists in Iowa who don't know 'Joe.' He likes to get away for a week or two fishing every summer. Member, A.F. & A.M. Shriner. This is the man who is known by name wherever corn is grown for he has been making 'Cagwin's Husker's Liniment' since 1899." Small cartoon pictures him in his automobile, a Willys-Knight.


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