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Members of the Brown family assemble in Harry F. Brown's formal gardens at 1011 Kellogg Avenue in about 1930. The "gazing globe" in the center of the photograph was for the purpose of reflecting the garden surrounding it. Harry Brown, who was a serious amateur landscape gardener, was probably the photographer. The family may have been assembling on July 4, a traditional date for Brown family festivities (the date of birth of Grandfather Kendrick W. Brown, who died in 1926). From left to right: Josephine Louise Brown (later, Leffler), the daughter of Harry and Mary Brown and the sister of Farwell T. Brown (who is not pictured); Lillian C. Brown Loughran, the sister of Harry Brown and the widow of Stephen L. Loughran; Stephen L. Loughran, Jr., Lillian's son; Margaret Mitchell Brown, Harry Brown's step-mother and the widow of Kendrick W. Brown; (to the right of the globe) Mary Byrnes Loughran, wife of Stephen Loughran, Jr. and daughter-in-law of Lillian Brown Loughran; Louise Arthur Brown, wife of Kendrick W. Brown II (who is not pictured) and daughter-in-law of Gates M. Brown; Dr. Gates M. Brown, elder brother of Harry Brown; Inez Patterson Brown, wife of Gates Brown; and Mary Tilden Brown, wife of Harry Brown and mother of Josephine and Farwell.


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