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Grand Avenue underpass the day after the flooding rains of May 18/19, 1944. East side of underpass shows slide damage exposing footings of railroad water tank. Major repairs were required to put underpass back into use. Many Main Street stores had basements full of water with great damage to merchandise. Campustown businesses flooded by College Creek.

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This photograph, taken at the height of the 1944 flood, shows the water tank that stood on the west end of the Ames depot grounds, on the east side of the Grand Avenue underpass. Immediately to the right is the underpass. Due to the flooding that occurred, the embankment around the footings of the tower had slid into the underpass making it unuseable until the mud could be cleaned out. The photograph is looking south toward Lincoln Way near the Chicago & North Western Railroad bridge which crossed over Grand Avenue. For more information on the 1944 Ames flood, see p. 17 of Farwell Brown's "Ames in Word and Picture; Book Two: Further Tales and Personal Memories," 1999.

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Grand Avenue underpass after the May 18,1944 flood. After a rainfall of 82.1 inches, the underpass was filled with water as were many basements along Main Street, such as the Sheldon-Munn Hotel and Carr Hardware. (See also: 136.752.1 different shot of scene)


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