Citation: 231.1333.1-4 (Full image size: 164Kb)

This aerial photograph was taken in about 1949 by Olav Smedal's Valo Feature Service (1131 Northwestern Ave.). It shows an extended Grand Avenue on the right side of the photograph. Roosevelt Elementary School, fronting on Ninth Street is prominent in the lower center left quadrant. Northwestern Avenue is beginning to extend northward, though it still stops at Thirteenth Street in this aerial. The Beloit-Lutheran Social Service, built in 1948, appears on the left, off of what would become Northwestern and Sixteenth Street. More homes appear north of Roosevelt School than are seen in the 1938 aerial (165.919.1-2). A few houses are on the west side of Grand, north of Thirteenth Street. The Seventh Day Adventist Church was built on the corner of Thirteenth and Grand in 1941. Murray Drive can be seen further north. Knight's farmhouse and barn are still standing but are about to yield to Harding Avenue's northward development. The Chicago & North Western Railroad tracks are in the far left of the aerial, parallelling Northwestern at least as far as Eleventh Street. (See also: 231.1334.1-4)


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