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November, 1997, photograph of what was known as Gilbert's Garage, located in west Ames on the diagonal portion of North Sheldon Avenue right before it connects with Hyland Avenue. The garage, 274 N. Sheldon, was razed shortly after this picture was taken. Gilbert's Service Garage was run by Roy Gilbert and later by Charles I. Gilbert from the 1950s.

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Gilbert's Service Garage, taken from Hyland Avenue in November, 1997, after it went out of business. The photgraph is looking southeastly. The garage was located at 274 North Sheldon Avenue, the street going up in the left of this photograph. Originally, the business operated out of the house of Roy Gilbert at 268 North Sheldon beginning in the 1950s. The garage was then built and was operated by Roy and Charles I. Gilbert and then solely by Charles Gilbert. After it was closed in 1997, the structure was razed. This was once the site of a brick kiln where bricks were made in the 1890s and 1900s for the construction of buildings on the campus of Iowa State College--(Old) Main and (Old) Agriculture Hall [later, Botany Hall; later still, Carrie Chapman Catt Hall]. Kitty-corner, across the street from the brick kiln was an excavation site for the clay used in the bricks. That excavation filled up with water and became a pond.


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