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Baby Sign Language

Today is 12/17/2018

Left Corner

Booklists are available in the publication rack of the Youth Services Department.


Baby Signs for Animals (E ACR)

Baby Signs for Bedtime (E ACR)

Baby Signs for Mealtimes (E ACR)

My First Baby Signs (E ACR)

              by Linda P. Acredolo

 First Signs (E BRE)

Let’s Eat! (E BRE)

              by Tina Jo Breindel

 First Signs (E FIR)

 Food Signs (E FOO)

Getting Ready (E GET)

 Going Out (E GOI)

 Baby Fingers Series

All Day Long: Teaching Your Baby to Sign (E HEL)

Hello, Goodbye: Teaching Your Baby to Sign (E HEL)

I Want:  Teaching Your Baby to Sign (E HEL)

I’m Feeling:  Teaching Your Baby to Sign (E HEL)

              by Lora Heller

 Baa Baa Black Sheep (E KUB)

Itsy Bitsy Spider (E KUB)

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (E KUB)

              by Annie Kubler

 My First Animal Signs (E LEW)

              by Anthony Lewis

 Meal Time (E MEA)

Play Time (E PLA)


Baby Signs: How to Talk With Your Baby Before Your Baby Can Talk (J PC 419 ACR)

              by Linda P. Acredolo and Susan Goodwyn

 Signing Smart With Babies and Toddlers: A Parent’s Strategy and Activity 

    Guide (J PC 419 ANT)

              by Michelle Anthony

Baby Talk: A Guide To Using Basic Sign Language To Communicate With

    Your Baby (J PC 419 BEY)

              by Monica Beyer

Baby Sign Language Basics: Early Communication for Hearing Babies and

    Toddlers (J PC 419 BRI)

Sign, Sing, and Play!: Fun Signing Activities for You and Your Baby

     (J PC 419 BRI)

              by Monta Z. Briant

 Baby Sing and Sign: Communicate Early With Your Baby: Learning Signs

    the Fun Way through Music and Play (J PC 419 MIL)

              by Anne Meeker Miller

 Pick Me Up!: Fun Songs for Learning Signs (J PC 419 PIC)

 Baby Sign Language for Hearing Babies (J PC 419 WAR 2006)

              by Karyn Warburton

Baby Signing for Dummies (J PC 419 WAT)

              by Jennifer Watson


My Baby Can Talk: First Signs (J 419 DVD MY)

 Say it with a Sign (J 419 DVD SAY)

     This is a series of DVDs (3 Volumes)

 Sign and ABC’s: A New Way to Play (J 419 DVD SIG)

 Signing Time (J 419 DVD SIG)

     This is a series of DVDs – many different titles available



Signing Time! Songs Volume 1-3 (J CD SONGS COL)
Signing Time! Songs Volume 4-6 (J CD SONGS COL)

     by Rachel Coleman