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Dogs, Frogs, and Nature Songs

Today is 12/18/2018

Left Corner

Too Soon for Goodnight Moon

It’s too soon for “Goodnight Moon”
I want to hear my book about Daniel Boone
It’s much too early to go to bed
I want to have fun instead
I want to travel with Babar
And go to Where the Wild Things Are
I want to float away with The Red Balloon
So it’s too soon for Goodnight Moon

Take another book from the pile
And read to me for a little while
I want to roam with Winnie the Pooh
And bounce, bounce, bounce with Tigger, too
I want to romp with Ramona the Pest
Then ride The Polar Express
I had a nap just this afternoon
So it’s too soon for Goodnight Moon

Read another book to me
Like The Princess and the Pea
Won’t you read me Goldilocks?
And maybe then Fox in Socks
Then I think that we will find
There’s just enough time for Madeline
Just a couple of stories more
That’s all I’m asking for

I’m not ready to call it quits
I’m not sleepy, not one bit
I want to ride with Robin Hood
Then drive The Little Engine That Could
I want to fly with Peter Pan
Then eat Green Eggs and Ham
There’s lots more books in the other room
So it’s too soon, It’s much too soon
It’s really too soon for Goodnight Moon

(One more story?)