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Ames Public Library Kids
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Opportunities for Homeschooled Families

Today is 5/27/2018

Left Corner

Read below to see what Ames Public Library has to offer Homeschooled families.  Each of these programs can be adapted to any age or length of time, and may be scheduled Monday through Friday at a convenient time for you, the teacher or parent.  Please contact Brianne Anderson, Youth Services Librarian, with any questions, suggestions, or to schedule an event:


Download pdf version here.

Library Scavenger Hunt: Dewey Ducks

Get to know the nonfiction section of the library by participating in a scavenger hunt. Kids and parents alike will hunt for topics, items, and Dewey Ducks while discovering how the library is organized.


Online Resources & Homework Help

This session focuses on a few  online resources available through Ames Public Library’s website. Get tips on using the catalog more efficiently and discover the variety of supplemental teaching and learning resources we offer. Featured sites include BrainFuse (an online tutoring/homework help service) and World Book. Also includes instruction on how children can recognize a credible website for use in reports and papers.


Tour the Library

Want to know how the library works behind-the-scenes? Come on a tour and see all the hidden book drops, discover where brand new items are delivered and processed before they hit the shelves, and find Smyles on the Bookmobile. The tour finishes in the Youth Department where we highlight all the different items available for check-out and use.


Book Club

Have a group of students interested in reading and discussing books? The library would be happy to coordinate a theme, booklist, and plan activities and discussion opportunities. Book clubs are great avenues for introducing children to new genres or subjects in a fun and interactive environment, as well as building essential social skills. A previous example included an American Girl series featuring a different character every month and a look at the different cultures.


Special Events

The library is a great place to host events of all kinds, from outside presenters, to a group study session. If you have a theme in mind, we can work with you to create an event full of learning and entertainment, even if all you need is a change from the routines of schoolwork.



Building volunteer opportunities into your curriculum is a wonderful way to highlight citizenship and community involvement, and we are always looking for great hands to help out at the library. If you or your child is interested or wants more information, please contact our Volunteer Services Coordinator Sarah Bohlke at 515-239-5663 or to get started.