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If you like Junie B. Jones, try these...

Today is 12/17/2018

Left Corner

Booklists are available in the publication rack of the Youth Services Department.

The Monster in the Third Dresser Drawer and Other Stories about Adam  

  Joshua (J ADA V1)

     First book in Adam Joshua series by Janice Lee Smith

Amber Brown is Not a Crayon (J AMB)

     First book in Amber Brown series  by Paula Danziger

Annabel the Actress Starring in “Gorilla My Dreams” (J ANN 1999)

     First book in Annabel the Actress series by Ellen Conford

Howie Bowles, A Secret Agent (J BAN) by Kate Banks

Ramona the Pest (J CLE) by Beverly Cleary

A Job for Jenny Archer (J CON)

     One book in Jenny Archer series by Ellen Conford

Annie Pitts, Burger Kid (J DEG) by Diane De Groat

In Trouble With Teacher (J DEM) by Patricia Demuth

Just Grace (J HAR)

     First book in Grace series by Charise Mericle Harper

Ever Clever Elisa (J HUR)

Mostly Monty (J HUR) by Johanna Hurwitz

Owen Foote, Second Grade Strongman (J GRE)

     One book in Owen Foote series by Stephanie Greene

Anyone But Me (J KAT V1, J CD KRU)

     First book in Katie Kazoo series by Nancy E. Krulik

Herbie Jones (J KLI)

     First book in Herbie Jones series

Marvin and the Mean Words (J KLI)

     One book in Marvin series

Mary Marony and the Snake (J KLI)

     One book in Mary Marony series by Suzy Kline

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire (J KOR) by Gordon Korman

Ruby Lu, Brave and True (J LOO) by Lenore Look

Ruby Lu, Empress of Everything (J LOO) by Lenore Look

Anastasia Krupnik (J LOW)

     First book in Anastasia Krupnik series by Lois Lowry

Judy Moody (J MCD)

     First book in Judy Moody series

Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid (J STI V1)

     First book in Stink series by Megan McDonald

Amelia’s Notebook (J MOS)

     One book in Amelia series by Marissa Moss

Clementine (J PEN, J CD PEN)

     First book in Clementine series by Sarah Pennypacker

The Sub (J PET) by P.J. Petersen

Not-So-Weird Emma (J WAR)

     One book in Emma series by Sally Warner

Don’t Call Me Beanhead (J WOJ)

     First book in Beany series by Susan Wojciechowski