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Music Fun for All

Today is 12/17/2018

Left Corner

Booklists are available in the publication rack of the Youth Services Department.

The CDs on this list are child and adult friendly. We bet you won’t mind listening to these over and over. The tunes are great for listening to in the car or for playing at home!


Beethoven’s Wig series (J CD CLASSICAL BEE) by Richard Perlmutter

Snacktime! (J CD SONGS BAR) by Barenaked Ladies

Victor Vito (J CD SONGS BER) by Laurie Berkner

Rhinoceros Tap (J CD SONGS BOY) by Sandra Boynton

Stomp Yer Feet! (J CD SONGS BRE) by Johnny Bregar

Some Assembly Required (J CD SONGS CHA) by Tom Chapin

At the Bottom of the Sea (J CD SONGS COV) by Ralph Covert

Ralph’s World: Rhyming Circus (J CD SONGS COV) by Ralph Covert

Eat Every Bean and Pea on Your Plate (J CD SONGS DAD)

     by Daddy A Go Go

When I Get Little (J CD SONGS DOG) by Dog on Fleas

Family Tree (J CD SONGS ENG) by Frances England

For the Kids (J CD SONGS FOR)

For the Kids Too! (J CD SONGS FOR)

For the Kids Three! (J CD SONGS FOR)

Catchy Tune (J CD SONGS GRU) by Jack Grunsky

Jazz for Kids: Everybody’s Boppin’ (J CD SONGS JAZ) by Lisa Yves

I Know the Colors in the Rainbow (J CD SONGS JEN) by Ella Jenkins

Camp Lisa (J CD SONGS LOE) by Lisa Loeb

Silly Reflection (J CD SONGS LUN) by Lunch Money

Tabby Road (J CD SONGS REC) by Recess Monkey

Shakin’ in Chicago (J CD SONGS REX) by Thaddeus Rex          

Meltdown (J CD SONGS ROB) by Justin Roberts

Easy (J CD SONGS SEC) by Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

Traffic Jams (J CD SONGS SCR) by Joe Scruggs

Here Come the ABCs (J CD SONGS THE) by They Might Be Giants

No! (J CD SONGS THE) by They Might Be Giants

Family Dance (J CD SONGS ZAN) by Dan Zanes


Look for additional CD titles by all of these artists!