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Left Corner

If you like Forensic Mysteries & Thrillers...

Left Corner

Forensics is the use of science and technology to investigate and establish facts to be presented in a court of law. This application of scientific knowledge to legal problems can come from a variety of perspectives and specialties such as art, anthropology, archaeology, pathology, geology, psychology, and psychiatry. If you like books featuring forensic experts doing crime scene investigation, try these authors!

Many of these authors’ books feature a main character whose name is included along with his or her forensic specialty.


Keith Ablow. Frank Clevenger, forensic psychologist (Mystery Section ABL)


Lori Andrews. Alexandra Blake, geneticist (Mystery Section AND)


Sarah Andrews. Em Hanson, forensic geologist (Mystery Section AND)


Michael Baden and Linda Kenney. Jake Rosen, medical examiner/ pathologist (Mystery Section BAD)


Jefferson Bass. Bill Brockton, forensic anthropologist (Mystery Section BAS)


Simon Beckett. David Hunter, general practitioner/former forensic anthropologist (Mystery Section BEC)


Lisa Black. Theresa MacLean, forensic scientist (Mystery Section BLA)


Robin Burcell. Sydney Fitzpatrick, forensic artist (Mystery Section BUR)


Robin Cook. Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery, pathologists (COO)


Patricia Cornwell. Kay Scarpetta, medical examiner/forensic consultant (Mystery Section COR)

Jeffery Deaver. Lincoln Rhyme, forensic criminologist (Mystery Section DEA)


Aaron Elkins. Gideon Oliver, forensic anthropologist (Mystery Section ELK)


G. H. Ephron. Peter Zak, forensic psychologist (Mystery Section EPH)


Kathryn Fox. Anya Crichton, forensic pathologist (Mystery Section FOX)


Meg Gardiner. Jo Beckett, forensic psychiatrist (Mystery Section GAR)


Tess Gerritsen. Maura Isles, medical examiner and Jane Rizzoli, police detective (Mystery Section GER)


Erin Hart. Nora Gavin, forensic pathologist (Mystery Section HAR)


Iris Johansen. Eve Duncan, forensic sculptor (Mystery Section JOH)


Peter May. Margaret Campbell, forensic pathologist(Mystery Section MAY)


Sharyn McCrumb. Elizabeth MacPherson, forensic anthropologist (Mystery Section MCC)


Ridley Pearson. Lou Boldt, police detective and Daphne Matthews, forensic psychologist (Mystery Section PEA)


Kathy Reichs. Temperance Brennan, forensic anthropologist and medical examiner (Mystery Section REI)


Karin Slaughter. Sara Linton, medical examiner (Mystery Section SLA)


Shirley Wells. Jill Kennedy, forensic psychologist (Mystery Section WEL)