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Left Corner

If you like John Grisham...

Left Corner

If you enjoy John Grisham's fast-paced stories of legal intrigue in which the underdog lawyer fights injustice—and wins—try these!

Angel of Death by Jay Brandon (MYS BRA)

Finally putting Malachi Reese, a revered leader of San Antonio's African-American community, on Death Row, District Attorney Chris Sinclair becomes the target of Reese's threats from behind bars as he struggles to cope with a series of seemingly unrelated crimes.

Compelling Evidence by Steve Martini (MAR)

A short-lived affair with his boss' wife, Talia, costs defense attorney Paul Madriani his wife and his job, but he gets a second chance when Talia, accused of her husband's murder, asks Paul to defend her.

Conflict of Interest by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg (ROS)

A veteran female district attorney attempts to reconstruct her shattered personal life as she is suddenly plunged into a moral, legal, and emotional nightmare when confronted with the case of a developmentally disabled young man accused of robbery.

Conviction by Richard North Patterson (PAT)

Fifteen years after Rennell Price is arrested, convicted, and sentenced to die for the murder of a nine-year-old girl, lawyer Teresa Peralta Paget becomes convinced that Price did not receive a fair trial and fights to stop his execution.

Dead Irish by John Lescroart (MYS LES)

Dismas Hardy, a lawyer and ex-San Francisco cop currently working as a barkeeper, takes on the investigation of the apparent suicide of his friend Eddie Cochran. Family and friends are convinced Eddie was murdered.

Final Jeopardy by Linda Fairstein (MYS FAI)

Actress Isabella Lascar is brutally murdered while on her way to Assistant D.A. Alexandra Cooper's beach house. Who was the target-Isabella or Alex? Alex, bodyguard in tow, cooperates with the local police and the F.B.I. while trying to keep the publicity away from her high profile job as Chief of the Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit.

Hostile Witness by William Lashner (MYS LAS)

Struggling to survive in his meager two-member partnership, Philadelphia lawyer Victor Carl is asked to represent a chief aide to a crooked councilman, who wants Carl to play along while the aide is set up.

Legal Tender by Lisa Scottoline (SCO)

Lawyer Bennie Rosato loses her boyfriend and business partner Mark Biscardi to a young law associate and then finds he wants to dissolve their partnership. When Mark is killed, Bennie is the only suspect—especially since his will leaves her the practice and millions of dollars. Represented by associate Grady Wells, a lawyer she doesn't quite trust, Bennie goes on the run to solve Mark's murder.

The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly (MYS CON)

Representing some unsavory characters in his work as a defense lawyer, Mickey Haller takes on his first high-paying and possibly innocent client in years but finds the case complicated by events that suggest a particularly evil perpetrator.

No Lesser Plea by Robert Tanenbaum (MYS TAN)

Prosecuting a murder case, Roger "Butch" Karp, an assistant D.A., is determined to insure that the killer, Mandeville Louis, does not escape justice. Karp is aided by fellow prosecutor, the pretty and tough Marlene Ciampi.

Open and Shut by David Rosenfelt (MYS ROS)

With the help of his lover, P.I. Laurie Collins, defense attorney Andy Carpenter discovers a startling link between his father's death, a death row inmate, and the three most powerful men in New Jersey, exposing a deadly political conspiracy.

Primary Justice by William Bernhardt (BER)

Ben Kincaid, a disillusioned young lawyer dedicated to balancing the scales of justice, sacrifices his job at the D.A.'s office for a hot-shot position at a big corporate law firm, where he learns that attorneys' greed can often outweigh their morality.

Reversible Errors by Scott Turow (TUR)

Corporate lawyer Arthur Raven defends the reopened case of a death-row inmate who may be innocent, while prosecuting attorneys Muriel Wynn and Larry Starczek fight for a conviction they still believe is deserved.

Special Circumstances by Sheldon Siegel (SIE)

The ins and outs of big law firms are revealed as ex-priest-turned-attorney Mike Daley is asked to defend one of his former colleagues at a prestigious San Francisco law firm who is accused of the murders of two other lawyers.