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Reading Advisory at the Ames Public Library
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Brazilian & Portuguese Films at Ames Public Library

Left Corner

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Adrift (DVD FOREIGN ADR) 102 min. 2009. 

While spending summer vacation with her family on the southeast coast of Brazil, fourteen-year-old Filipa discovers that her father, a famous author, is betraying her mother by dallying with a beautiful American woman. Wrestling with the truth, Filipa discovers that her father's infidelity is only the first of many dark secrets lurking beneath the surface of her seemingly perfect family.

Alice’s House (DVD FOREIGN ALI) 92 min. 2007. 

Alice is a São Paulo manicurist, wife and mother of three sons who has a chance meeting with an old boyfriend. She is forced to re-examine her life and address her romantic dreams. In her quest for happiness, she must overcome the obstacles set by the male dominated world in which she feels herself trapped. Now she must navigate the dangerous terrain of her heart.

Almost Brothers (DVD FOREIGN ALM) 102 min. 2004. 

View the class struggle of Brazil over four decades through the eyes of Miguel, a white middle-class rebel, and Jorge, his black childhood friend.

Antônia (DVD FOREIGN ANT)  88 min.  2007. 

Four women living on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, Brazil, are determined to escape their poverty and learn that out of struggle comes strength and the courage to continue.

Behind the Sun (DVD FOREIGN BEH)  92 min.  2001. 

In 1910, two families who grow sugar cane have been squabbling over land ownership for years. The disagreement has turned violent. The Breveses have suffered most, and a steady drop in sugar prices has left the family with little but their pride. When the Breves’ eldest son is killed, his father orders his next-oldest son to kill one of the Ferreira boys. He questions the wisdom of this bloody rivalry, and he ponders his fate while spending time with his younger brother.

Black Orpheus (DVD FOREIGN BLA)  In Portuguese with English captions or dubbed in English.  107 min.  1959. 

Based on the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice set against the colorful background of the Rio de Janiero carnival, the great color photography and lively soundtrack brought the bossa nova beat to the United States.

Blood and Wine (DVD FOREIGN BLO)  100 min.  2006. 

A Brazilian family living during the political turmoil during the 1950s and the two decades that followed, from the suicide of the president to the establishment of martial law, tries to find hope in the tragedy of everyday life.

Bus 174 (364.154 DVD BUS)  In Portuguese with English captions.  120 min.  2002. 

This award-winner examines the tragic events that followed a desperate bus hijacking in Rio de Janeiro in 2000 that turned deadly when a SWAT team took evasive action against the drug-addled hijacker.

Carandiru (DVD FOREIGN CAR)  145 min.  2003. 

A doctor arrives at Sao Paulo’s House of Detention to test patients for HIV. Seeing the disease, overcrowding, and circulation of drugs, he realizes the power structure among the prisoners. Narratives develop, including the attempted murder of Dagger, the solitary confinement of Chico, and the romance between Lady Di and Too Bad. The doctor sees the prisoners as survivors as violence breaks out: a reconstruction of the October 2, 1992, prison riot known as the Carandiru Massacre.

Carmo, Hit the Road (DVD FOREIGN CAR)  100 min.  2008. 

Carmo would do anything to escape the hellhole of a Brazilian border town where she lives. So when a lonesome, wheelchair-bound low-life named Marco arrives on the scene, she jumps at the chance to help him transport a shipment of smuggled goods. An unlikely romance unfolds as the two are chased through a lush and jagged South American landscape by banditos, the police, and their own passions.

Central Station (DVD FOREIGN CEN)  106 min.  1998. 

A young boy witnesses his mother's accidental death, and a lonely retired schoolteacher reluctantly takes the child under her wing.

Chronically Unfeasible (DVD FOREIGN CHR)  101 min.  2000. 

Six people in modern-day Brazil serve as a microcosm of Brazil and its struggles.

City of God (DVD FOREIGN CIT)  In Portuguese with English or Chinese captions.  130 min.  2002. 

Two boys growing up in a violent neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro take different paths. One becomes a photographer, the other a drug dealer. Their stories are presented through the eyes of a singular narrator.

City of Men (DVD FOREIGN CIT)  570 min.  Originally broadcast on Brazilian television in 2003-2006. 

The City is a shantytown in a Rio de Janeiro mountain.  The Men are two 13-year-olds, Laranjinha and Acerola.  See the humor and reality of “favela” life of two best friends in one of the world’s most volatile communities.

Eccentricities of a Blonde-Haired Girl (DVD FOREIGN ECC)  64 min.  2010. 

A young accountant falls helplessly in love with a mysterious blond woman he spies through his office window, and she proceeds to turn his life upside down.

Favela Rising (361.1 DVD FAV)  Chiefly in Portuguese with English captions.  82 min.  2005. 

Haunted by the murders of his family and many friends, former drug-trafficker Anderson Sa and the Grupo Cultural AfroReggae, now social revolutionaries, are working to unite a Rio slum, or favela, against a violent drug industry and police oppression.

God is Brazilian (DVD FOREIGN GOD)  110 min.  2002. 

God decides to take a vacation - but first He has to find a saint to rule the universe while He's away. He goes to Brazil's northeast, where He believes there's a very good man for the job. During His mission, He becomes the friend of a very smart young man, Taoca.



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