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Reading Advisory at the Ames Public Library
Left Corner

Brazilian & Portuguese Films at Ames Public Library

Left Corner

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Hollow City (DVD FOREIGN HOL)  88 min.  2004.  

N'dala is an Angolan orphan from Bie province, a flashpoint in the rebellion that incited civil war. In 1991, N'dala is airlifted by missionaries to Luanda, Angola's capital. He slips away from the nuns, choosing the city streets, but he is not prepared to live by his wits. He takes shelter in a fisherman's shack, but he is haunted by nightmares of his family’s murder, and he disappears into the shanty-town neighborhoods. Each step into the dark city streets leads him farther from home.

Hour of the Star (DVD FOREIGN HOU)  96 min.  1986. 

This adaptation of the novel by Clarice Lispector tracks the ordeals of Macabea during her first days in Sao Paulo after emigration from the impoverished north.

The House of Sand (DVD FOREIGN HOU)  In Portuguese, with English, French, or Portuguese captions.  103 min.  2005. 

A woman and her mother are sent to an island and spend almost 60 years trying to leave it.  Follow three generations of the family as they try to find happiness on a lagoon surrounded by shifting dunes.

The Man of the Year (DVD FOREIGN MAN)  106 min.  2003. 

Maiquel loses a bet and dyes his hair blonde. This triggers a collision with destiny in which Maiquel goes from nobody to hero to outlaw — in 24 hours.

The Man Who Copied (DVD FOREIGN MAN)  123 min.  2003. 

Romance and intrigue await a poor copy machine operator who learns that counterfeiting and murder are a lethal combination in this Brazilian thriller that blends good-humored romanticism, poignant social observations, and exciting action.

Manda Bala (Send a Bullet) (364.154 DVD MAN)  In English or Portuguese with captions in English and Spanish.  85 min.  2007. 

The practice of kidnapping in Brazil, which has arisen from a climate of political and societal corruption, is examined.

Mango Yellow (DVD FOREIGN MAN)  103 min.  2005. 

The lives of several shantytown citizens in Recife, Brazil intertwine as they search for meaning in life.

Middle of the World (DVD FOREIGN MID)  86 min.  2003. 

Based on a true story. A couple and their five children – ages ranging from 6 months to 14 years old – travel 3,200 km by bicycle to chase a dream. Romao, an illiterate and unemployed truck driver, and his wife Rose leave the State of Paraiba in Brazil, and over the course of six months, travel across five states to reach Rio de Janeiro in a quest for a job and a decent life.

Mysteries of Lisbon (DVD FOREIGN MYS)  257 min.  2010. 

This is Raul Ruiz's masterful adaptation of the eponymous nineteenth-century Portuguese novel. The core story centers on Joao, the bastard child of an ill-fated romance between two members of the aristocracy who are forbidden to marry, and his quest to discover the truth of his parentage. But this is just the start of an engrossing tale that follows a multitude of characters whose fates conjoin, separate and then rejoin again over three decades in Portugal, Spain, France and Italy.

Pixote (DVD FOREIGN PIX)  127 min.  1981. 

Ten-year-old Pixote (Portuguese slang for 'Peewee') is one of three million homeless children in Brazil. Hauled off to a detention center, Pixote witnesses rapes, beatings and other acts of violence by the guards and the inmates. With the transvestite Lilica and his lover Dito, Pixote escapes from the reform school where they hit the streets alone, embarking on a life of violence and crime.

Quilombo (DVD FOREIGN QUI)  114 min.  1984. 

The title refers to a legendary settlement of runaway slaves in 17th-century Brazil; and the film chronicles the settlement's fortunes as leadership passes from a wise ruler to a more militant one who goes to war against the government.

The Strange Case of Angelica (DVD FOREIGN STR)  97 min.  2010. 

A young photographer falls madly in love with a woman he can never have, except in his dreams. Late one night, Isaac is summoned by a wealthy family to take the last photograph of a young bride, Angelica, who mysteriously passed away. Arriving at their estate, Isaac is struck by her beauty. When he looks through his lens, Angelica appears to come to life. From that moment, Isaac is haunted by her day and night.

Talking Picture (DVD FOREIGN TAL)  In Portuguese, Greek, or French, with English captions.  93 min.  2003. 

Eight-year-old Maria and her history professor mother embark on an ocean cruise from Portugal to Bombay, India. As three mysterious and glamorous women board the ship, their picturesque journey begins to grow in tension and complexity.

Testamento (DVD FOREIGN TES)  112 min.  1998. 

Cape Verde's leading citizen leaves his fortune to the daughter no one knew he had. As part of her inheritance, Graca receives a set of audiocassettes containing her father's personal accounts of his wild, romantic, and often dubious exploits.

They Killed Sister Dorothy (303.484 DVD THE)  In English or Portuguese, with English captions.  94 min.  2008. 

At the mouth of the Amazon River, a murder trial is taking place. The victim, Sister Dorothy Stang, a 73-year-old Catholic nun from Dayton, Ohio, was shot six times at point blank range. The events that led to her death, and the trials that follow, reveal the larger battle being fought for the future of the rainforest. This film follows the real-life drama at the trials of Dorothy's killers.

To the Left of the Father (DVD FOREIGN TO)  172 min.  2006. 

Torn by an unresolved incestuous past with his younger sister, Pedro has to choose between a life of utopian freedom, removed from all past connections, or re-engagement with strict patriarchal norms that would accompany a return to his religious family.

The Year My Parents Went on Vacation (DVD FOREIGN YEA)  99 min.  2007. 

Twelve-year-old Mauro is left to fend for himself when his parents go on vacation during the Communist regime in 1970s Brazil.  The culturally diverse community of São Paulo unites to watch Péle lead his country to win soccer’s World Cup.


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