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Reading Advisory at the Ames Public Library
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Chinese Films at Ames Public Library

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Eat Drink Man Woman (DVD FOREIGN EAT)  In Chinese with English, French, or Spanish captions.  124 min.  1994. 

A retired master chef and widower is worried about his three unmarried daughters who are skeptical about marriage. He surprises them with his secret love affair with a woman many years his junior.

Election (DVD FOREIGN ELE)  In Cantonese with English or Spanish captions.  97 min.  2005. 

In the Wo Shing Triad, the oldest gang in Hong Kong, the senior members elect a younger boss as their chairman every two years. This time, lines are divided and war starts when the voting doesn’t go as it should.

Electric Shadows (DVD FOREIGN ELE)  In Mandarin with English captions.  95 min.  2004. 

When a delivery man crashes into a girl, she asks him to feed the pets in her apartment while she is in the hospital. What he finds there is a diary that exposes the young girl for who she really is.

Emperor and the Assassin (DVD FOREIGN EMP)  In Mandarin and Spanish, with English, French, or Spanish captions.  161 min.  1999. 

Ying Zheng, the King of Qin, has one driving ambition: the unification of China’s seven kingdoms into one empire. Impressed by her lover’s convictions, Lady Zhao helps him concoct an assassination plot that would justify the conquest of Qin’s most powerful enemy.

Farewell, My Concubine (DVD FOREIGN FAR)  In Chinese with English captions.  172 min.  1993. 

This adaptation of Lillian Lee’s novel spans over fifty years in the lives of two men, friends since childhood, at the Peking Opera − then a woman comes between them. The film is also a drama of Chinese history dating from the warlord era through the Cultural Revolution.

Fearless (DVD FOREIGN FEA)  In Mandarin with English, French or Spanish captions.  104 min.  2006. 

This film is inspired by the story of a real-life hero, Huo Yuanjia. When a fight destroys the reputation of a martial arts champion and his family, his path to redemption brings him to face the most ferocious fighters.

Fire of Conscience (DVD FOREIGN FIR)  In Mandarin, Cantonese, or English, with English captions.  106 min.  2011. 

The investigation of a prostitute's homicide brings Detective Manfred into an unlikely collaboration with man-of-the-world Inspector Kee from the Narcotics Bureau. In the line of fire between corruption and possible malice, Manfred must identify his enemy and save his innocent partner from disgrace.

A Great Wall (DVD FOREIGN GRE)  In English and Chinese, with English, French, or Spanish captions.  102 min.  1986. 

This story chronicles the return of Leo Fan and his American-born wife and son to his native China, with comical insight into the cultural clash between traditional Chinese and Chinese-American families.

Happy Times (DVD FOREIGN HAP)  In Mandarin with English or French captions.  106 min.  2002. 

In an attempt to impress a divorcee who has caught his eye, an unemployed factory worker poses as the manager of a non-existent hotel. Hoping that his fabricated success will lead to holy matrimony, he instead finds himself the guardian of the woman’s blind stepdaughter. Now, as the lies get more complicated and the deception more difficult to sustain, the blind girl and the man form an emotional bond that is as touching as it is unlikely.

Happy Together (DVD FOREIGN HAP)  In Chinese with English captions.  97 min.  1997. 

This is a stunning display of filmmaking style and a touching love story evenly mixed into film.

Hero (DVD FOREIGN HER)  In Mandarin or dubbed in English or French, with English or Spanish captions.  99 min.  2002. 

With supernatural skill and no fear, a nameless soldier embarks on a mission of revenge against the fearsome army that massacred his people. Now, to achieve the justice he seeks, he must take on the empire’s most ruthless assassins and reach the enemy he has sworn to defeat.

House of  Flying Daggers (DVD FOREIGN HOU)  In Mandarin or dubbed in English or French, with English or French captions.  119 min.  2004. 

In the Tang dynasty, a secret group called the House of the Flying Daggers opposes the government. Police officer Leo sends Officer Jin to investigate a dancer named Mei. Leo arrests Mei, but Jin gains her trust so she will lead them to the Flying Daggers.


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