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Reading Advisory at the Ames Public Library
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Raise the Red Lantern (DVD FOREIGN RAI)  In Mandarin with English and Chinese captions.  125 min.  1991. 

This beautiful and disturbing film is set in 1920’s China. After her father’s death, nineteen-year-old Songlian is forced to marry Chen Zuoqian. Fifty-year-old Chen already has three wives living in separate houses on the grounds and vying for Chen’s attention, power, status, and privilege. Every night each wife schemes to be chosen as Chen decides where to spend the night. A red lantern is lit in front of the chosen house.

Re-Cycle (DVD FOREIGN REC)  In Cantonese with English or Spanish captions.  109 min.  2008. 

When a novelist decides to write a horror novel, she opens up a terrifying realm of the supernatural, guided by one of her book's phantasmagorical creations come to life.  To return, she now must confront a secret from her past.

Red Cliff (DVD FOREIGN RED)  In Mandarin or dubbed English dialogue.  148 min.  2008. 

In 208 AD, an Emperor declares war on two kingdoms in China to unite the entire country. It becomes one of the biggest military battles in history as the two kingdoms unite against the Emperor.

Red Cliff II (DVD FOREIGN RED)  In Mandarin, with captions in Chinese or English.  142 min.  2009. 

The historical saga that began in John Woo’s Red Cliff heats up as Prime Minister-turned-General Cao Cao leads the Emperor's army southward to do battle with a small but resolute coalition led by fierce opponent Zhou Yu. Incensed at the rebellion displayed by southern warlords Liu Bei and Sun Quan, Emperor Xian grants his trusted General Cao Cao permission to crush their outspoken opponents.

Red Sorghum (DVD FOREIGN RED)  In Mandarin, with Chinese or English captions.  91 min.  1987. 

This begins as a lusty romantic comedy about a nervous young bride’s seduction at a remote winery, but develops into a heroic drama of partisan resistance during the Japanese occupation of World War II.

Restless (DVD FOREIGN RES)  In Mandarin and English, with English captions.  98 min.  1998. 

Set in Beijing, an international romance sets off conflict between American and Chinese cultural traditions.

Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles (DVD FOREIGN RID)  In Mandarin and Japanese, with English captions.  109 min.  2005. 

An aging Japanese fisherman makes a heartfelt pilgrimage to rural China on behalf of his dying son and discovers the true meaning of kindness.

The Road Home (DVD FOREIGN ROA)  In Mandarin or French, with English or French captions.  89 min.  1999. 

This film is based on the novel Remembrance by Bao Shi. A son arranges his father's burial in the custom of his mother’s village and learns the story of his parent's courtship. His schoolmaster father came to the village from the city. In the days of arranged marriages, their marriage was founded on love.

Running on Karma (DVD FOREIGN RUN)  In Cantonese and Mandarin, with English and Chinese captions.  93 min.  2003. 

“Big,” a weightlifter and male stripper, responds to a patron and strips naked. The woman is Detective Li, who arrests him. When Big tries to escape this charge, he is questioned about the murder that has taken place in the club’s office. Detective Li helps him out of his jam, and he helps her find the killer. Then Big reveals that he was once a Kung Fu monk with the ability to “see karma,” that is, to see into people’s past lives.

Sacrifice (DVD FOREIGN SAC)  In Mandarin with English captions.  130 min.  2010. 

To save the only child of the Zhao Family, whose whole clan is massacred at the hands of a nefarious minister, a doctor sacrifices his own son and later becomes intent on seeking vengeance against the minister after the child grows up.

Shaolin (DVD FOREIGN SHA)  In Mandarin and Chinese, with English or Spanish captions.  131 min.  2011. 

Set in 1920’s Republican China, amid chaos created by feuding warlords, the monks of the Shaolin Temple try to keep the people fed. A defeated warrior takes refuge with the monks and tries to protect them when the temple is attacked by his former protégé.

Shaolin Soccer (DVD FOREIGN SHA)  In English, Mandarin, and French, with English or Spanish captions.  112 min.  2004. 

A Shaolin Kung Fu expert unites with a washed-up soccer star to build the ultimate team, combining sportsmanship with martial arts.

Shower (DVD FOREIGN SHO)  In Mandarin with English, French, or Spanish captions.  94 min.  1999. 

A businessman is tricked into visiting his hometown by his mentally handicapped brother, and he develops a different perspective on his father’s old-fashioned bathhouse business.

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (DVD FOREIGN SNO)  In Mandarin and English, with English, French, or Spanish captions.  104 min.  2011. 

Centuries ago, two “sworn sisters” were isolated by their families, but stayed connected using secret language written in a white silk fan. Now in modern Shanghai, their descendents draw inspiration from the past as they struggle to maintain their bond in the face of life's complications. What unfolds are two stories, generations apart, but everlasting in their universal notion of love, hope and friendship.

Sophie’s Revenge (DVD FOREIGN SOP)  In Mandarin with English captions.  107 min.  2009. 

Dumped by her fiancé Jeff just two months before their wedding, comic strip writer Sophie hatches a plan to get Jeff back and punish the movie star, Joanna, who seduced him. She finds a partner, Gordon, an ex-lover of Joanna's, and they begin a comic adventure full of laughs and tears, aided by Sophie's two best friends. On the eve of her success, Sophie realizes that she has been so focused on revenge that she has not heard her own change of heart.

Springtime in a Small Town (DVD FOREIGN SPR)  In Mandarin with English captions.  112 min.  2002. 

It is the spring of 1946 in south China, less than a year since the Japanese withdrew. A young woman languishes on the bomb-damaged walls of the small town. The sound of a distant train triggers thoughts of escape.

Still Life (DVD FOREIGN STI)  In Mandarin with English captions.  108 min.  2006. 

After a town is completely destroyed by a flood, the residents must try to rebuild their homes, the town, and their lives.

The Story of Qiu Ju (DVD FOREIGN STO)  In Mandarin with English captions.  100 min.  1992. 

An ordinary, courageous woman in a small village fights against the system in her quest for justice.

Sunflower (DVD FOREIGN SUN)  In Mandarin or English, with English captions.  129 min.  2008. 

In an urban Chinese family, father and son host a battle of wills to do what's right or to do what the heart wants.


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