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Reading Advisory at the Ames Public Library
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Take Out (DVD FOREIGN TAK)  In Chinese and English, with traditional Chinese or English captions.  87 min.  2008. 

A day in the life of Ming Ding begins as a pair of hammer-wielding loan sharks come to the door of Ming's squalid apartment. Their ultimatum, delivered in Mandarin, is as simple as it is virtually impossible to fulfill: give them $800 by the evening or the debt will be doubled. With the family he supports half a world away, Ming has a single rain-soaked shift at his job in which to pay off his creditor thugs. Ming Ding anonymously and almost wordlessly delivers Chinese food on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

Taking Father Home (DVD FOREIGN TAK)  In Sichuan local dialects, with Chinese captions.  101 min.  2005. 

Xu Yun, a teenager from a remote village, travels to the big city of Zigong, Sichuan Province, with no money and a brace of ducks in a basket on his back. His mission is to find and retrieve his errant father, who walked out on his family six years before.

Temptress Moon (DVD FOREIGN TEM)  In Chinese with English captions.  127 min.  1996. 

A beautiful young woman and her seductive lover struggle for power, passion, and revenge.

A Thousand Years of Good Prayers (DVD DRAMA THO)  In Chinese, with English or Spanish captions.  83 min.  2007. 

A Chinese man – who travels to America to see his divorced daughter remarry – cannot complete his journey when he realizes a generational and geographical divide has developed between them.

Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon (DVD FOREIGN THR)  In Mandarin or English, with English or Spanish captions.  102 min.  2008. 

In 228 AD, a time when China was plagued by constant war and divided among three kingdoms, a hero arose. Zhao Zilong was a common man who ascended from humble roots to become commander of the army charged with liberating the land from an evil warlord. He led numerous battles of strength and wit, but now he must fight against the impossible to defy the fate of his nation.

Three Times (DVD FOREIGN THR)  In Mandarin and Taiwanese, with English or Spanish captions.  135 min.  2005. 

A rapturous and beautiful love story is set in three different eras: a 1966 pool hall, a 1911 brothel, and present-day Taipei. The culture of each period is brought to life.

Together (DVD FOREIGN TOG)  In Mandarin with English captions.  119 min.  2002. 

When a shy small-town boy heads to Beijing for violin lessons, he discovers a new world filled with first loves, lasting friendships…and a secret that will change his life forever.

Triad Election (DVD FOREIGN TRI)  In Mandarin or Cantonese, with English and Spanish captions.  92 min.  2007. 

A second-tiered member vying aggressively for the position of godfather is restrained by the current mob boss, who isn't officially eligible for reelection. This leads them to a bloody and cutthroat battle.

Tuya's Marriage (DVD FOREIGN TUY)  In Mandarin with English captions.  86 min.  2006. 

Tuya, a Mongolian desert herder, refuses to settle in a town in accordance with the new industrialization policy. She has two kids, a disabled husband, and one hundred sheep, and must find a way to survive when she hurts her back.

Up the Yangtze (915.12 DVD UP)  In English with optional Mandarin subtitles ; Mandarin and Sichuan local dialects with English subtitles ; optional English captions for the deaf and hearing impaired.  93 min.  2007. 

Life surrounding the Yangtze is changing due to the Three Gorges Dam. Filmmaker Yung Chang goes on a farewell cruise that traverses the gargantuan waterway.

What Women Want (DVD FOREIGN WHA)  In Mandarin or English, with English or Chinese captions.  100 min.  2011. 

Zigang Sun is a chauvinistic executive who is passed over for a promotion at his advertising agency. Instead, Yilong Li is hired to develop advertising targeted toward women. In a comedic twist of fate, Sun gains the ability to hear what women are thinking, which he uses to become an expert on women and to advance his career. His new gift leads him to a relationship with his rival and changes his outlook on what's important in life and love.

White Vengeance (DVD FOREIGN WHI)  In Mandarin with English captions.  138 min.  2012. 

During the fall of the Qin Dynasty, Liu Bang and Xiang Yu become leaders of the rebellious army, and also sworn brothers in battle, as they contend for supremacy. King Huai of Chu says that whoever can subvert the Qin kingdom in Guanzhong will be the Lord Qin. Xiang Yu fights against the Qin army and entrusts Liu Bang with Yu Ji, the woman he loves. Liu Bang expresses his love to Yu Ji and invades Guanzhong first when most of the Qin army is outside fighting against Xiang Yu's army. Xiang Yu is furious and plans to kill Liu at a banquet, during which Zhang Liang, the mastermind of Liu Bang, and Fan Zeng have a direct confrontation. Who will emerge as the winner from this epic battle and survive to claim the path to the crown?

A Woman, a Gun, and a Noodle Shop (DVD FOREIGN WOM)  In Mandarin, Portuguese or Spanish, with captions in English, French, Portuguese, or Spanish.  90 min.  2009. 

When an older, abusive husband discovers his younger wife is having an affair, he devises a scheme to murder her. This sets off a series of revengeful activities.

Xiu Xiu, the Sent Down Girl (DVD FOREIGN XIU)  In Mandarin with English captions.  100 min.  1999. 

In 1975, a teen-aged girl named Xiu Xiu is sent to a remote corner of Tibet for manual labor, where she discovers that, without a wealthy sponsor, she is unlikely to ever see her home again. A year later, she agrees to go to a more remote spot with a Tibetan saddle tramp to learn horse herding. Soon her world becomes a cage where patrons promise her escape in exchange for her sexual compromise.

Zhou Yu’s Train (DVD FOREIGN ZHO)  In Mandarin with English, French, Portuguese, or Spanish captions.  93 min.  2002. 

Zhou Yu, a ceramic artisan in China’s rural northwest, has a deep rapport with Chen Qing, a shy, sensitive poet. Taking a long train ride every weekend just to make passionate love with him, Zhou Yu’s longing seems insatiable until she meets the hedonistic veteran Zhang Qiang. Their torrid affair takes Zhou Yu to another train station and another level of lust.


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