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Reading Advisory at the Ames Public Library
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Chinese Films at Ames Public Library

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China, A Century of Revolution (951 DVD CHI)  In Chinese and English.  360 min.  1997. 

This is an astonishingly candid view of a once-secret nation. A powerful program takes a remarkable first-hand look at China's tumultuous history, examining its social, political and cultural upheaval through eyewitness accounts, rare archival film footage, and insightful commentary.

China’s First Emperor (951 DVD CHI)  250 min.  1996. 

Credited with both unifying China and tormenting its citizenry, Qin Shi Huangdi, the "first emperor of China," is a controversial leader in the nation's history. His reign brought advances such as standardized currencies, weights, and measures; unified written and spoken language; and transportation systems. In battle, he was centuries ahead of his time – creating assembly lines to mass-produce precision-crafted swords, arrows, and other weapons. Examine this ruler's complex legacy, from the brilliant military strategies that created an empire to his plans for the original Great Wall. A bonus disc features the discovery of the emperor's 7,000 life-size army of terra-cotta statues and the Great Wall of China.

China’s Lost Girls (362.73 DVD CHI)  40 min.  2004. 

Host Lisa Ling examines the consequences of China's two-decade-old, one-child policy. To curb the country's population, China limits most families to one child, or in certain circumstances, two children. Due to cultural, social, and economic factors, traditional preference leans toward boys, so girls are often hidden, aborted, or abandoned. Tens of thousands of girls end up in orphanages.

China’s Terracotta Warriors (951 DVD CHI) 60 min.  2011. 

The story of China's 8,000 terracotta warriors begins two centuries before the birth of Christ. The First Emperor of China was preparing an extravagant tomb for his journey into the afterlife, and decreed that he be protected forever by a monumental army. Since then no one has seen these ancient warriors in their original splendor, brightly painted and fully armed, ready to protect their Emperor for all eternity. Now this once mighty army will be returned to its former glory for the first time.

Chinese Folk Music (951 DVD CHI)  English or Chinese soundtrack.  30 min.  2003. 

All over the world, Chinese folk music has won applause with its distinct style. Using in-depth research, this program introduces the history, development, and styles of Chinese folk music. Uncover the ancient Chinese sentiment that folk music represents, and appreciate unique musical instruments such as the Xun – a wind instrument – and the Gong – a drum and plank.

Feng Shui in a Nutshell (133.333 DVD FEN)  47 min.  2008. 

This documentary will show you the basics of traditional Chinese Feng Shui. You will learn what Feng Shui is, its Chinese history, and what Yin and Yang really are. You will find out what things represent favorable and unfavorable Feng Shui.

From Mao to Mozart: Isaac Stern in China (785 DVD FRO)  114 min.  1980. 

Isaac Stern travels to China where he teaches classical music to Chinese students. This film contains a segment on the suffering of Chinese musicians during the Cultural Revolution.