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Reading Advisory at the Ames Public Library
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German Films at Ames Public Library

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In German with English captions, unless otherwise noted.

Adventures of Prince Achmed (DVD FOREIGN ADV)  Silent film with musical score and English captions.   67 min.  1926

Premiered in Germany in 1926, and based on The Arabian Nights, this movie has been hailed as the first full-length animated film.  A wicked sorcerer tricks Prince Achmed into mounting a magical flying horse to send him on a flight to his death. 

Aguirre, the Wrath of God (DVD FOREIGN AGU)  94 min.  2000. 

Spanish conquistadors, led by Pizarro, go up the Amazon in search of gold.  The soldiers battle starvation, Indians, the forces of nature, and each other.  Don Lope de Aguirre is consumed by visions of conquering all of South America and leads a revolt.  Aguirre's megalomania turns the expedition into a death trip.

Ali:  Fear Eats the Soul (DVD FOREIGN ALI)  93 min.  2002. 

Tells the outrageous, touching story of a bumpy love affair between a German floor washer and an inarticulate Arab mechanic.

As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me (DVD FOREIGN AS)  122 min.  2003. 

The journey of a German soldier in his dramatic escape from a Siberian labor camp after World War II. 

Beresina (DVD FOREIGN BER)  108 min.  1999. 

Irina, a Russian call girl in a fairy-tale Alpine country, sets in motion a long-since forgotten series of events involving greed, the government, and the fate of a nation.

Berlin Alexander Platz (DVD FOREIGN BER)  940 min.  1980. 

Based on Alfred Doblin’s great modernist novel, a violent yet strangely childlike ex-convict, Franz Biberkopf, attempts to “become an honest soul” amidst the corrosive urban landscape of Germany.

Berlin Jerusalem (DVD FOREIGN BER)  85 min.  1989. 

This moving drama of the birth of Israel focuses on two women - Else Lasker-Schuler, a German poet, and Tania Shohat, a Russian revolutionary.  They meet first in Berlin, where utopian ideals and fear of the Nazis force their escape to Palestine.  Re-united in Jerusalem, they confront a harsh reality in the city idealized in their dreams.

Beyond Silence (DVD FOREIGN BEY)  107 min1999. 

Since her early childhood, Lara has had a difficult but important task.  Both of her parents are deaf-mute, and Lara has to translate when her parents want to communicate with other people.  Lara is interested in music and plays the clarinet successfully, but her parents cannot share her musical career.  Lara has to decide between her parents and her own ambitions.

Black Butterflies (DVD FOREIGN BLA)  96 min.  2012. 

Poetry, politics, madness, and desire collide in the true story of the woman hailed as South Africa's finest poet. In 1960s Cape Town, as Apartheid steals the expressive rights of blacks and whites alike, young Ingrid Jonker finds her freedom scrawling verse while frittering through a series of stormy affairs. Amid escalating quarrels with her lovers and her rigid father, a parliament censorship minister, the poet witnesses an unconscionable event that will alter the course of both her artistic and personal lives.

The Blue Angel (DVD FOREIGN BLU)  107 min.  1930. 

An obsessive fascination with a cafe singer slowly destroys a quiet professor.

Das Boot (DVD FOREIGN BOO)  293 min.  1981. 

With superb detailing of life in one of the famed WWII German U-boats known as the gray wolves, this original uncut film follows the daring patrol of the U-96.  The crew is graphically portrayed in a life-and-death struggle, challenging the British Navy at every turn.  Based on the novel by Lothar G. Buchheim, the film includes a making-of featurette and restored original stereo audio.

Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (DVD FOREIGN CAB)  Silent film with musical score and English captions.  76 min.  1919. 

A somnambulist commits murders under a hypnotist's influence.  Also included is a lengthy excerpt of Genuine, a vampire tale.  Both films are examples of the German Expressionist movement.

Cherry Blossoms (DVD FOREIGN CHE)  124 min.  2009. 

Only Trudi knows that her husband suffers from a terminal illness.  She decides not to tell him as they visit their family in Berlin.  When Trudi dies suddenly, Rudi vows to make up for her lost life and takes his last journey to Tokyo during the cherry blossom festival.

Cloud 9  (DVD FOREIGN CLO)  98 min.  2008. 

The groundbreaking, lyrical and moving love story of  Inge, a 67-year-old married woman who rediscovers her passion and her sexuality when she unexpectedly falls in love with 76-year-old Karl.

Cobra Verde (DVD FOREIGN COB)  110 min.  1987. 

A 19th-century Brazilian rancher, born Francisco Manoel da Silva, turns to banditry after drought and famine drive him from his land.  Taking the name Cobra Verde, he is a lone figure, roaming the backlands, shooting, drinking and womanizing.  When he is hired as an overseer by a decadent sugar planter, he runs into trouble when the planter’s three daughters wind up pregnant.  The locals ship him to Africa to administer the faltering slave trade, assuming he will not come back alive.  He arrives to find the garrison deserted, and the King, apparently, gone mad.  Cobra Verde however, is a special kind of diplomat, and before long he is training an army of amazons to launch a rebellion against the King.

The Counterfeiters (DVD FOREIGN COU)  99 min.  2007. 

A master counterfeiter is captured by the Nazis and used to help in a huge scheme to fund their war efforts, and in turn save his life during World War II.  Based on the true story of Salomon Sorowitsch.  Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film of 2007.

The Countess (DVD FOREIGN COU)  99 min.  2001. 

The newly widowed Countess falls hard for a charming, handsome younger man whose father thwarts their romance. Believing her age made her undesirable, the Countess becomes obsessed with the rejuvenating power of blood taken from virgins. Soon, she is bathing in it regularly, local young women are going missing, and someone is sent to investigate the terrifying rumors-the very same young man who drove her to this madness.



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