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Reading Advisory at the Ames Public Library
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German Films at Ames Public Library

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I Only Want You to Love Me (DVD FOREIGN I)  104 min.  2011. 

An ordinary man seemingly has a perfect life. He just got married to a beautiful girl, moved to the city and has a family to look after and love. During his childhood, his parents constantly made him feel rejected and worthless. Those issues slowly creep into his family life, resulting in a nervous breakdown and violence.

Jacob the Liar (DVD FOREIGN JAC)  96 min.  1974. 

Trapped in a Polish ghetto, facing starvation or deportation to the death camps, Jacob is detained at Gestapo headquarters.  Eavesdropping, he overhears a radio report about a Russian victory.  At first he is silent, but circumstances compel him to pass on the news of hope.  To be believed, he feigns access to a hidden, forbidden radio, becoming a bulwark against despair − a reluctant hero, but a tragic figure still, a man ultimately powerless to see or change the fate of his people.

Jerichow (DVD FOREIGN JER)  96 min.  2008. 

A business relationship turns into a love triangle when an ex-soldier begins working for a store owner and his beautiful wife.

John Rabe (DVD FOREIGN JOH)  134 min.  2009.   

Tells the story of a German businessman who rescued more than 200,000 Chinese during the Nanking Massacre in China by courageously negotiating a safety zone to protect innocent civilians from the Japanese Army. Drawing from John Rabe's 1937 diaries as source material, this film has crafted a portrait of a man revered as a saint in China to this day and yet never rewarded for his

courage during his lifetime.

The Last Laugh (DVD FOREIGN LAS)  Silent film with musical score and English captions.  91 min.  1924. 

An aging doorman's happiness crumbles when he is relieved of the duties and uniform which had for years been the foundation of his happiness and pride.

The Legend of Rita (DVD FOREIGN LEG)  101 min.  1999. 

This political thriller, set during the Cold War, recounts the struggles of a young woman who is a member of a terrorist group (loosely based on the real Baader-Meinhof gang).  When the group disbands, she goes into hiding with an invented identity in East Germany.  She struggles with the realities of a Communist state while keeping the distant ideal of socialism.

The Lives of Others (DVD FOREIGN LIV)  137 min.  2006. 

Set in 1984 East Berlin, a secret service agent assigned to monitor a playwright and his girlfriend questions his assignment and his loyalty to the government.  Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film of 2006.

The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum (DVD FOREIGN LOS)  109 min.  1975. 

A shy housekeeper has a spontaneous one-night stand with an enigmatic young man she’s met at a party.  The next morning, the police raid her apartment and arrest them both for terrorism.

M (DVD FOREIGN M)  111 min.  1931. 

This drama is based on an actual Düsseldorf murder, recounting the hunt by both law enforcement agents and the underworld for a psychopathic killer of young girls.

Metropolis (DVD FOREIGN MET)  Silent film with musical score and English captions.  115 min.  1926. 

This classic silent film is a drama about authoritarianism and revolt in a mythical industrialized metropolis of the 21st century.

Michael (DVD FOREIGN MIC)  96 min.  2011. 

A seemingly meek insurance agent has a secret: he's holding 10-year-old Wolfgang captive in a locked room in his basement. Chronicling a five-month period, the film creates a tense portrait of how the most mundane lives can mask the ugliest truth. With rich cinematic detail and unnerving insight, it's a masterfully executed study of a monster.

Moloch (DVD FOREIGN MEL)  108 min.  1999. 

It is the spring of 1942 in Germany.  In their mountain retreat, Eva Braun is the only voice that dares contradict Germany’s Fuhrer.  Eva is caught up in the complexities of being the lover of a man incapable of human intimacy, making her as volcanic as he is.

Mostly Martha (DVD FOREIGN MOS)  107 min.  2001. 

Martha is a chef who obsesses over each dish.  When her sister dies, Martha adopts Lina, her eight-year-old niece.  Martha gets help from Mario, her handsome new assistant, who is not only a whiz on the chopping block, but knows sundry magic tricks and jokes to keep Lina's spirits afloat.  As Martha starts to grow fond of Lina, her erratic father arrives to take her back to Italy.

My Name Was Sabina Spielrein (DVD FOREIGN MY)  90 min.  2002. 

This film is based on the letters and diaries that revealed a love affair between psychiatrist/writer Carl Jung and his first patient, Sabina Spielrein.

The North Face (DVD FOREIGN NOR)  121 min.  2009. 

Based on a true story, this adventure tells of a competition to climb the most dangerous rock face in the Alps, the north face of the Eiger.  Set in 1936, Nazi propaganda urges German alpinists to conquer the mountain.  Two reluctant climbers, Toni and Andi, attempt an ascent, followed by two Austrian climbers.  All goes well at first as both teams make headway, but then the climbers lose their advantage over the mountain and the race against time and the forces of nature begins.

Nosferatu (DVD FOREIGN NOS)  Silent film with musical score and English captions.  81 min.  1922. 

In the first film version of Bram Stoker's Dracula, Transylvanian vampire, Count Orlock (Nosferatu), leaves his Carpathian castle and travels by ship to Bremen, bringing coffins filled with dirt and plague-infected rats.

Nowhere in Africa (DVD FOREIGN NOW)  142 min.  2001. 

Critically acclaimed, this is the award-winning true tale of a Jewish family who flees the Nazi regime in 1938 and learns to cope with their new life, and each other, on a remote farm in Kenya.

Pandora’s Box (DVD FOREIGN PAN)  Silent film with musical score and English captions.  133 min.  1929. 

Follows the downward spiral of a fiery, brash, yet naive showgirl, whose sexual vivacity has a devastating effect on everyone with whom she comes in contact.

People on Sunday (DVD FOREIGN PEO)   Silent film with musical score and English captions.   73 min.  1930. 

An effervescent, sunlit silent film about a handful of city dwellers enjoying a weekend outing that offers a rare glimpse of Weimar-era Berlin. A unique hybrid of documentary and fictional storytelling, the film was both an experiment and a mainstream hit that would influence generations of film artists around the world. People On Sunday represents an astonishing confluence of talent, an early collaboration by a group of German filmmakers who would all go on to become major Hollywood players.

The Princess and the Warrior (DVD FOREIGN PRI)  133 min.  2000. 

When shy, beautiful Sissi is the victim of a car accident, a handsome small-time criminal saves her life.  Once she recovers, she sets out to find him and discovers that he is a violent man with a conflicted past and a dangerous future.  It doesn't take long for the two to meet again - during a deadly bank robbery.  Now it is her turn to save his life.

Revanche (DVD FOREIGN REV)  122 min.  2008. 

An ex-con falls in love with a hooker after becoming an assistant in a brothel, where the pair make plans to escape and start a new life together.

Run Lola Run (DVD FOREIGN RUN)  81 min.  1998. 

Two star-crossed lovers have only minutes to change the course of their lives.  Lola has just received a frantic call from her boyfriend Manni, who has accidentally lost a small fortune he was to deliver to his mobster boss.  If they cannot replace the money within twenty minutes, Manni will suffer severe consequences.



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