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Reading Advisory at the Ames Public Library
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Indian Films at Ames Public Library

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Salaam Bombay (DVD FOREIGN SAL)  114 min.  1988. 

Five hundred rupees might as well be five million when you’re ten years old and alone on the streets of Bombay (Mumbai). Deserted first by his mother, and then by the circus to which she left him, Krishna tries to sell tea and pluck chickens to earn his way back home. Award-winning film by director Mira Nair.

Sangam (DVD FOREIGN SAN)  213 min.  1964. 

A military officer loses touch with his family and returns to find his wife in love with his friend.

Sarkar (DVD FOREIGN SAR)  120 min.  2005. 

An Indian family saga similar to The Godfather.

Shabd (DVD FOREIGN SHA)  141 min.  2005.

Shaukat is an acclaimed writer suffering from writer's block. He manipulates his wife into an affair in order to fuel his imagination, but there are unforeseen consequences that drive Shaukat toward madness. The film examines the relationship of imaginative fantasy and reality.

Shakti [Strength] (DVD FOREIGN SHA)  379 min.  2002.

A recently married Indian couple living in L.A. go to India when the husband learns his mother has been attacked. When they get there, his wife learns of his family's violent ways. It is directed by Krishna Wamsi.

Sharaabi [The Drunkard] (DVD FOREIGN SHA)  180 min.  1984. 

For the father, Rai Sahib Nath Kapoor, only money and his business are important. He fails to spare even a few minutes to fulfill his dying wife’s last wish. He and his son Vicky struggle with a tumultuous relationship.

Sholay (DVD FOREIGN SHO)  185 min.  1975. 

This film is India’s best-known “curry western.” Thakur, an ex-cop, hires two crooks to hunt Gabbar Singh, who massacred Thakur’s family. An accomplished film, Sholay uses spectacular cinematography, popular music, and an engaging script.

Shwaas [A Breath] (DVD FOREIGN SHW)  In Marathi with English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, or Telugu captions.  109 min.  2004. 

Based on a true story, Shwaas follows a village man and his grandson who has retinal cancer. At the hospital they learn that at operation can save him, but will blind him. The old man's feelings are captured as he copes with the city, the hospital, and the decision he must for on his grandson.

Sixteen December (DVD FOREIGN SIX)  143 min.  2002. 

On December 3rd, a normal day in Mumbai, a Dalai Street broker is trying to spend a crore of rupees a day on cars and women…a killer is stalking the streets…5,000 crores of rupees is morphing into a Swiss bank account…bank chairmen are committing fraud…and an Afghan terrorist organization offers a Soviet bomb for sale. A clue has been found. It is a photograph of the famous surrender between generals at Dhaka, dated 16 December, 1971.


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