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Reading Advisory at the Ames Public Library
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Iranian Films at Ames Public Library

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Last Stand of the 300 (938 DVD LAS) 91 min. 2007.

It is almost impossible to understand how 300 Spartans managed to hold off the million-man Persian army, but with transporting dramatizations and incisive graphics that put you in the heat of battle, learn the strategies and more in this historic battle.

Maryam (DVD DRAMA MAR) 89 min. 2000.

It's 1979 and Mary, an Iranian-American teenager, is pursuing fun and romance in the New Jersey suburbs. Her strict father forbids her to date and live life like a normal teenager. But her world is changed when her fundamentalist Muslim cousin, Ali, comes to live with her family at the same time that Americans are taken hostage in Iran. Now Mary has to come to terms with her own unique, culturally-divided identity.

Muslims (297 DVD MUS) 120 min. 2003.

What does it means to be a Muslim in the 21st century? Filmed in Egypt, Malaysia, Iran, Turkey, Nigeria and the United States, this program explores the influence of culture and politics on religion, looks at the political forces at work among Muslims, emphasizes Islam's kinship with Christianity and Judaism, and examines the diverse interpretations of Islam among the Muslim people.

Mystic Iran (915.5 DVD MYS) 52 min. 2003.

Aryana Farshad's quest in her native Iran is to explore the religious rituals and traditions that have fascinated the Western world for centuries. Includes rare glimpses of the women's chamber at the Great Mosque, the fire rituals in Zarathustra, and the dance of the Dervishes in Kurdistan.

Not Without My Daughter (DVD DRAMA NOT) 116 min. 1990.

American Betty Mahmoody goes with her daughter and her Iranian-born husband to his native Iran for a vacation. Betty discovers her husband doesn't intend to ever return to America. He will let her go, but her daughter must stay. As a stranger in a foreign police state, Betty has no money, no friends, no rights, and makes a desperate bid to escape with her child.