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Reading Advisory at the Ames Public Library
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Café Tales [Sipuray Bate Kafe] (DVD FOREIGN CAF)  83 min.  2003. 

Learning that their neighborhood coffee house is scheduled for demolition, five customers join forces to save it.

Campfire [Medurat Hashevet] (DVD FOREIGN CAM)  96 min.  2004. 

In 1981, a widowed mother and her daughters want to join a new religious settlement in the West Bank, but must meet the group’s standards. When a daughter is accused of seducing some boys, she must weigh her allegiances.

Chronicle of Disappearance (DVD CHR)  In Arabic, Hebrew, and French with optional English captions.  88 min.  1996. 

Provides a personal meditation on what it means to be Palestinian. Examines the effect of the political impasse in the Middle East on the identity of the Palestinian people. The film is in two parts-- the first "Nazareth, personal diary" is a faux-documentary showing daily life in Nazareth, the second half, "Jerusalem, political diary", follows Suleiman as a filmmaker looking for inspiration in Jerusalem after a 12 year absence.

Close to Home (DVD FOREIGN CLO)  In Hebrew with English or Spanish captions.  99 min.  2005. 

Two women soldiers, one rebellious and one controlled, find friendship with one another while patrolling the streets of Jerusalem.

Comrade (DVD FOREIGN COM)  73 min.  2006.  

A young boy who is constantly fighting with his father finds a stack of secret letters. The writer of the letters is his sister who has been missing since their mother’s death. This starts him on the journey of a lifetime.

Dangerous Acts (DVD FOREIGN DAN)  97 min.  1998.  

A beautiful actress loses her entire family in a horrific accident. Three years later, the man who caused the accident is released from prison, and shows up on the woman's doorstep, begging for forgiveness.

Desperado Square [Kilar Ha-Halomot] (DVD FOREIGN DES)  98 min.  2001. 

Set in a community in a small town near Tel Aviv, this is the story of Nisim. Twenty-five years after his father’s death, Nisim dreams that his father orders him to re-open the family-owned neighborhood movie house. When a mysterious man returns to town, family secrets and a romantic mystery are brought to light.

Disengagement (DVD FOREIGN DIS)  113 min.  2008.  

In English, Hebrew, French, Italian and Arabic with subtitles in English or Spanish. Ana, a directionless Frenchwoman, must return to Israel to find the child she abandoned at birth. Together with her half-brother, an Israeli policeman, she discovers that her now-grown daughter will soon be forcibly evicted from a Gaza Strip settlement. Amid the explosive clashes between soldiers and settlers, can one woman now face the truth about commitment, identity, and a history that can never be buried?

Esther (DVD FOREIGN EST)  In multiple languages with English captions.  96 min.  2003. 

The Biblical story of Esther, written by Amos Gitai and Stephanie Levine.

Eyes Wide Open (DVD FOREIGN EYE)  90 min.  2010. 

Aaron, a butcher and devout family man in Jerusalem's ultraorthodox Jewish community, has his quiet life interrupted when Erzi, a handsome, young Yeshiva student, happens on his shop. Intrigued by the young man, Aaron offers Erzi a job and becomes his friend and mentor. The two grow closer, and soon other feelings surface. But guilt, torment, and pressure from the community lead him to make a radical decision.

Footnote (DVD FOREIGN FOO)  In Hebrew or Portuguese with Spanish, Portuguese, English or French subtitles.  106 min.  2011.  

Eliezer and Uriel Shkolnik are father and son as well as rival professors in Talmudic Studies. When both men learn that Eliezer will be lauded for his work, their complicated relationship reaches a new peak.

For My Father (DVD FOREIGN FOR)  In Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles.  100 min.  2010. 

Tarek, a young Arab forced on a suicide mission in Tel Aviv to redeem his father's honor, is given a second chance when the fuse on his explosive vest fails to detonate. Forced to spend the weekend in Tel Aviv awaiting its repair, Tarek must live among the people he was planning to kill. To his surprise he connects with several Israelis on the outskirts of society, including the beautiful Keren, who has cut off contact with her Orthodox family and upbringing. Tarek must make the decision of his life.

Golem, the Petrified Garden (DVD FOREIGN GOL)  In multiple languages with English captions.  84 min.  1991. 

This humorous film follows Daniel, an art dealer, to Siberia to claim his inheritance of an art collection, which includes a giant statue of a Golem. The long journey across Russia becomes an ironic encounter with the lost ideals of the Soviet Union after its collapse. An Amos Gitai film.

Green Fields (DVD FOREIGN GRE)  88 min.  2009. 

A story about the true meaning of flag and family. The so-called Israeli War of Attrition forced Shmuel Braverman to leave Israel and abandon his family. Secure with a new family and business in his new home, the United States, Shmuel returns to Israel to celebrate his son's completion of basic army training. But a tense trip with the whole family in a cramped supply van shakes up Shmuel's easy life and forces everyone to face hard truths.

The Heritage: An Eternity of Love [Ha-Yerusha] (DVD FOREIGN HER)  In Hebrew, English, French, and Spanish, with English and Hebrew captions.  85 min.  1993. 

Two extraordinary love stories unfold five hundred years apart. As modern lovers struggle against those who seek to separate them, a Christian soldier pursues a perilous romance with a Jewish girl during the Spanish Inquisition.

Hill “Halfon” Doesn’t Answer [Giv’at Halfon Eina Ona] (DVD FOREIGN HIL)  92 min.  1975. 

A wild comedy about three Israeli army reservists who are committed to serving but unable to stay out of trouble.

Human Resource Manager (DVD FOREIGN HUM)  In Hebrew, Romanian, and English with English subtitles.  105 min.  2010. 

The Human Resources Manager of Jerusalem's largest bakery is in trouble. He is separated from his wife, distanced from his daughter, and stuck in a job he hates. When one of his employees, a foreign worker, is killed in a suicide bombing, the bakery is accused of indifference, and the HR Manager is sent to the victim's hometown in Romania to make amends. Far from home, on a mission to honor a woman he didn't even know but has somehow grown to admire, the HR Manager fights to regain his company's reputation and possibly his own humanity.

Jellyfish (DVD FOREIGN JEL) 78 min.  2007.

While Batya, a struggling waitress, cares for a mysterious child that appeared to her out of the sea. Newlywed Keren nurses a broken leg and a ruined honeymoon. Filipino migrant worker Joy tries to support her son back home. A reflection on making connections and confronting destiny in a deconstructed urban landscape.

Joy (DVD FOREIGN JOY)  In Hebrew with English, Hebrew, and French captions.  90 min.  2005. 

Joy Levine is chosen to throw a surprise party for her parents for the television show, “Gotta Be Happy.” The theme of the show, to be aired after Yom Kippur, is forgiveness. Joy has to get all of her parents’ estranged friends to the party to achieve reconciliation, but she must share a dark 22-year-old secret.


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