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Reading Advisory at the Ames Public Library
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Israeli Films at Ames Public Library

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Sallah (DVD FOREIGN SAL)  In Hebrew with English, French or Hebrew captions.  110 min.  1964. 

The sharp, often hilarious satire that became the most successful film in Israeli history is about new immigrants Sallah and his family, who are left in a shack near their promised apartment and are abandoned for months.

Secrets (DVD FOREIGN SEC)  In Hebrew or French, with English captions.  127 min.  2006. 

While studying at a women's religious seminary in Safed, Naomi and her new friend explore the complexities of a religious lifestyle in a vibrant environment of youth, rebellion, and desire as they befriend a beautiful, mysterious older woman.

Sima the Witch (DVD FOREIGN SIM)  103 min.  2005. 

A sweet grandmother is able to grant blessings and place curses. Her talents are used and abused by those around her.

Time of Favor [Ha-Hesder] (DVD FOREIGN TIM)  101 min.  2000. 

A taut thriller about the tense relationship between the orthodox nationalists and the military. Both a politico-psychological drama and a love story between a passionate woman and two best friends, Time of Favor raises important questions of faith about religion, duty to one’s nation, and love for oneself.

To Take a Wife (DVD FOREIGN TO) 99 min.  2004. 

A young woman trying to raise three children, work from home, and observe the strict Moroccan traditions of her family finds herself at constant odds with her husband and her brothers, who want her to stay married and leave behind the notions of being loved and free.

The Troupe (DVD FOREIGN TRO)  112 min.  1979. 

Set during the War of Attrition, the film focuses on a group of talented Israeli soldiers who are formed into an entertainment troupe and sent to the front to raise morale.

2 Kunilemel (DVD FOREIGN TWO)  In Hebrew with English or Hebrew captions.  104 min.  1966. 

A matchmaker without suitable suitors, look-alikes who don’t match, and daughters who deceive are the unlikely heroes of this madcap comedy about lovers and other strangers.

Under the Domim Tree (DVD FOREIGN UND)  102 min.  1995. 

Autobiographical story that chronicles the joys and troubles experienced by a group of teenagers, mostly Holocaust survivors, living at an Israeli youth settlement in 1953. A moving story about three girls coming of age in post-Holocaust Israel. Through their struggles, the girls find friendship and the comfort of knowing they're not alone. The sequel to "Aviya's summer."

Ushpizin [The Guests] (DVD FOREIGN USH)  In Hebrew and English, with English or Spanish captions.  90 min.  2004. 

A light-hearted look at the daily lives of ultra-orthodox Jews learning, living, and loving in modern-day Israel. The film focuses on a family facing hardships who must rely on their faith that miracles will happen during the holiday season.

Vasermil (DVD FOREIGN VAS)  In Hebrew, Amharic, and Russian with English subtitles.  95 min.  2007. 

The film is named after the local football stadium located in the town of Be'er Sheva' in southern Israel. Vasermil tells the story of three teenagers of different ethnicities who live in the same tough neighborhood, growing up in an unforgiving environment, pinning their hopes on football as a way out. And in order to win, Shlomi, Adiel and Dima, each with their own set of adversities, will have to learn to play as a team and overcome their differences.

Wadi 1981-1991; Wadi Canyon 2001 (DVD FOREIGN WAD)  In Hebrew, Arabic, Russian or English, with English captions.  97 min.  2001. 

These two films depict a group of Palestinians and Israelis who nurture a fragile co-existence over a span of twenty years in Wadi Rushmia.

Waltz with Bashir (DVD FOREIGN WAL)  In Hebrew or English, with English captions.  87 min.  2009. 

After not being able to recall the time he spent on an Israeli Army mission during the Lebanon War, Ari attempts to unravel the mystery by traveling around the world to interview old friends and comrades. As the pieces of the puzzle begin to come together, his memory begins to return in illustrations that are surreal. It was the winner of Golden Globe Best Foreign Film and of 6 Israeli Academy Awards.

Wedding in Galilee (DVD FOREIGN WED)  In Hebrew with Arabic and English captions.  113 min.  1987.  

This extraordinary feature is an erotic and often compelling mediation on two conflicting cultures, Palestinian and Israeli, who attempt to put aside their differences for one long day of celebration.

Yana’s Friends (DVD FOREIGN YAN)  In Hebrew and Russian, with English captions.  90 min.  2001. 

Set in Israel during the Gulf War in 1991. Yana, a young pregnant Russian immigrant, is abandoned by her husband and left to fend for herself in the flat she shares with an Israeli wedding photographer. When the threat from Saddam Hussein’s poison gas missiles forces them into the same sealed bedroom, they share their stories, sparks fly, and love blossoms.

Yom Yom (DVD FOREIGN YOM)  105 min.  1998. 

In spite of blood ties to both Jewish and Arab populations, Moshe leads a rootless existence. Grown weary of his wife and ambivalent about his needy young mistress, the only relationships he doesn't complicate are with his parents and best friend.