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Reading Advisory at the Ames Public Library
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Italian Films at Ames Public Library

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The Man who Will Come (DVD FOREIGN MAN)  116 min. 2009. 

Winter 1943. Martina is a small child living in central Italy, who stopped talking since the death of her infant brother some years before. Her mother is pregnant again and Martina lives for the arrival of her new brother. Meanwhile, war is getting closer, and on almost the same day as the birth of her brother, the SS starts a massive roundup of civilians in the area, an infamous event that will come to be known as the Marzabotto massacre during which more than 770 people were killed.

Mafioso (DVD FOREIGN MAF)  102 min. 1962. 

Auto factory foreman Nino takes his proper, modern wife and two blonde daughters from industrial Milan to antiquated rural Sicily to visit his family and get back in touch with his roots. Nino gets more than he bargained for.

Mid-August Lunch (DVD FOREIGN MID)  75 min.  2009. 

A middle-age man living with his elderly mother finds the best way to pay for their debts is to take care of the building manager’s mother during the biggest festival of the year.  Soon he finds himself with not two but four mothers to keep fed and happy.

My Brother is an Only Child (DVD FOREIGN MY)  108 min.  2007. 

Brothers find themselves supporting political campaigns, and learning that they have more in common than they ever imagined during the unrest of Italy in the 60s.

The Night of the Shooting Stars (DVD FOREIGN NIG)  107 min.  1982.

Depicts the final days of World War II in Italy as seen through the eyes of a six-year-old girl.  It is a mythic recollection by the protagonist of life on the run when a group of Italian villagers flee from brutal Nazi occupiers in the summer of 1944.

Nights of Cabiria (DVD FOREIGN NIG)  117 min.  1957. 

Cabiria, a simple-minded prostitute, searches Rome for true love. She is romanced and abandoned by men who exploit her. She endures even in the face of tragedy with the vain hope of finding marriage and happiness. Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film of 1957.

1900 (DVD FOREIGN NIN)  317 min.  1976. 

The son of a landowner and the son of a peasant become enemies in early 20th century Italy.

Open City (DVD FOREIGN OPE)  105 min.  1945. 

The loyalties of an impoverished mother-to-be and a parish priest are tested by German forces occupying their homeland during World War II.

The Orange Thief (DVD FOREIGN ORA)  84 min.  2007. 

Living on the outskirts of society, an orange thief and some other country-wise ruffians steal fruit for sustenance and the sheer excitement of courting danger. After the thief ends up in jail, his life takes a turn when his bunkmate promises him a deal.

Ossessione (DVD FOREIGN OSS)  135 min.  1942. 

The story of the ill-fated love between Gino, a virile young drifter, who arrives by chance at a roadside restaurant and filling station, and Giovanna, the beautiful young wife of the fat old man who owns the place. Gino leaves, only to return because he can't get her out of his mind. Giovanna and Gino kill her husband, but his death haunts the guilt-ridden Gino.

L'Avventura (DVD FOREIGN L’AV)  145 min.  1960. 

This is the story about the search for a girl lost on an island; but gradually the searchers become pre-occupied with their own problems, and the girl is never found.

Il Postino (DVD FOREIGN POS)  108 min.  1995. 

The postman, Mario, is aided by the poet Pablo Neruda to win the heart of the beautiful Beatrice.

Il Posto (DVD FOREIGN POS)  93 min.  1961. 

A young worker from a small village is overcome when he gets a job on the bottom rung of the bureaucratic ladder in a huge, faceless company. But he finds a reason for hope when he meets his co-worker, the beautiful Antonietta.

Quiet Chaos (DVD FOREIGN QUI)  114 min.  2008. 

Pietro has just lost his wife, and he is left alone with their young daughter.  He promises the girl that he will wait for her in the car when she returns to school for the first time, but his temporary offer turns into habit.  Now Pietro spends his days in the car, watching the world around him and grieving in his own way.

Red Desert (DVD FOREIGN RED)  117 min.  1964. 

A neurotic young woman, who is married to an engineer in the industrial wasteland of northern Italy, searches in vain to find meaning in her life.

Roma (DVD FOREIGN ROM)  119 min.  1972. 

A film adaptation of Federico Fellini's reminiscences of Rome before World War II, as compared to the Rome of 1972.


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