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Reading Advisory at the Ames Public Library
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Peppermint Candy (DVD FOREIGN PEP)  129 min.  2000.  A distraught middle-aged man, Kim Yong-ho, lies beside a railroad bridge overlooking a field.  Nearby is a reunion of the Bong-woo Club, which formed 20 years earlier at the same site during a social gathering of factory employees.  Yong-ho stumbles into the picnic and is recognized by the members.  Unable to disconnect from his anguish and join in the amusement of his former colleagues, he climbs to the railroad tracks and throws himself in front of a passing train, shouting "I am going back."  The film then reverses through the past 20 years of Yong-ho's life.

Poetry (DVD FOREIGN POE)  139 min.  2011.  Mija is a beautiful woman in her sixties who moves gracefully through life, contemplating a trivial daily routine that is ill-suited to her persona. On a whim, Mija enrolls in a poetry class and begins a quest to find the perfect words to describe her feelings. Although she appreciates the natural world, a school girl's suicide starts a chain of tragic events that changes her life forever.

The Red Shoes (DVD FOREIGN RED)  103 min.  2006.  Sun Jae finds a pair of high-heeled red shoes inside her subway car and decides to take them with her.  Unfortunately, these shoes are cursed and cause unspeakable repercussions for those foolish enough to try them on.

Save the Green Planet ( DVD FOREIGN SAV)  118 min.  2003.  Convinced that Andromedans have infiltrated human society, a disturbed man sets out to kidnap his ex-boss and torture him until he confesses his alien identity and calls off the invasion of Earth.

Secret Sunshine (DVD FOREIGN SEC)  142 min.  2011.  A master of human dramas, director Lee Chang-dong is a leader in contemporary Korean cinema, and his place on the international stage was cemented by his work examining grief and deliverance. A mix of light and darkness, this film depicts a widowed piano teacher who moves with her young son from Seoul to her late husband's provincial hometown for a fresh start.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter—and Spring (DVD FOREIGN SPR)  103 min.  2003This film presents a chronicle of the life of a Buddhist monk from childhood to the end of his days.

A State of Mind (951.93 DVD INS)  In Korean and English, with English captions.  94 min.  2004.  Following a strict routine, which involved several hours of daily workouts and gymnastic instruction, two young girls practice through exhaustion for the 2003 Mass Games, the largest choreographed spectacle on earth.

Tae Guk Gi: the Brotherhood of War (DVD FOREIGN TAE)  148 min.  2004.  After independence, Korea is full of hope for the future. However, everything changes when the Korean War breaks out. Two brothers are immediately drafted and sent to the front lines, where their bond is put to the test and their fate is uncertain.

 Take Care of My Cat (DVD FOREIGN TAK)  112 min.  2001.  This film tenderly and unsentimentally charts the paths of four modern South Korean women as they navigate the hazards of young adulthood.

Tell Me Something (DVD FOREIGN TEL)  116 min.  2002.  A cop, who is under investigation for graft and mourning the recent death of his mother, is put in charge of a seemingly impenetrable mystery.

301/302 (DVD FOREIGN THR)  98 min.  1995.  Two young women live across the hall from each other. One is a compulsive cook and the other, an anorexic. The mysterious disappearance of one provokes a police investigation that results in a chain of flashbacks illustrating the women's comically conflicted relationship.

Time (DVD FOREIGN TIM)  97 min.  2006.  After 2 years together, Seh-hee thinks Ji-woo no longer finds her attractive and she runs away. Reappearing six months later with a new name and a surgically altered face, she woos Ji-woo again. Now she has to compete against the memory of her old self. When she confesses her deception, their rediscovered romance is forced to walk a tightrope of tragedy.

Treeless Mountain (DVD FOREIGN TRE)  89 min.  2008.  Two girls are sent to relatives while their mother searches for their father. When she doesn't return, they learn the importance of family from their grandparents.

Untold Scandal (DVD FOREIGN UNT)  124 min.  2003.  This is a tale of treachery, lust, and sacrifice in 19th century Korea. Lord Jo-Won's public life of nobility masks a private life of sexual conquest. He is challenged by his cousin Lady Cho to seduce a teenaged virgin. Jo-Won accepts on condition that Cho surrender herself to him if he succeeds. But the real target of Jo-Won's ardor is Lady Sook, an attractive, pious widow.

The Way Home (DVD FOREIGN  WAY)  88 min.  2002.  Through an elderly, old-fashioned grandmother, a spoiled boy comes to accept and understand her lifestyle and the pleasures of nature.

Why has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East? (DVD FOREIGN WHY)  135 min.  1989.  In a remote mountain monastery, an old master, a young monk, and an orphan devote themselves to Buddhism.  As the master faces death, he leads his disciples away from their ties to the outside world and points them toward enlightenment.

Woman is the Future of Man (DVD FOREIGN WOM)  88 min.  2004.  Two friends meet after being apart for years – one in the United States studying film, and the other a university professor. As they talk, they realize they both loved the same woman, and decide to go find her to see if any sparks fly.

 Woman on the Beach (DVD FOREIGN WOM)  128 min.  2006.  A filmmaker learns that sometimes being fickle in love isn't always the way to be happy when he takes his production designer on a trip to the beach, and the designer's girlfriend falls for the filmmaker.



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