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Additional DVDs on Korean Topics

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(In English, unless otherwise noted)

Inside North Korea (951.93 DVD INS)  52 min.  2007.  Explorer offers a comprehensive look at the most reclusive member of the Axis of Evil, from the tense world of the Demilitarized Zone to the surreal life of the Dear Leader Kim Jong II.

Kimjonglia, the Flower of Kim Jong II (951.93 DVD KIM)  74 min.  2009.  Extraordinary stories are told by survivors of North Korea's prison camps, of deadly famine and every kind of repression. Their experiences are interspersed with archival footage of North Korean propaganda films and scenes that illuminate the contours of daily life for people whose every action is monitored and whose every thought could bring official retribution.

The Korean War: Fire and Ice (951.9 DVD KOR)  200 min.  1999.  Part 1: When North Korea crossed the border on June 25, 1950, South Korea and its Western allies were caught off guard. The UN acted swiftly, but was thrown into disarray; and the allies faced evacuation. Part 2: With the UN forces on the verge of being pushed into the sea, UN Commander Douglas MacArthur executed an amphibious landing and UN troops drove the North Koreans almost to the Chinese border. But the victory turned to devastating defeat at the onslaught of Chinese troops. Part 3: American forces engaged in the longest retreat in US history. By December of 1950, the Communists had recaptured the North Korean capitol. A month later, the southern capitol fell. Part 4: U.S. President Harry Truman came under pressure, resulting in MacArthur's dismissal and the arrival of General Matthew Ridgway. After retaking Seoul, UN forces confronted the enemy in the biggest battle of the war. But by now, U.S. policy had shifted from liberation to containing the communists at the 38th parallel. The war raged on until the armistice of July 1953, a tenuous unstable cease-fire that continues to flare into violence even today.

Korean War Stories (951.9 DVD KOR)  60 min.  2001.  Veterans share stories of the "forgotten war," remembering the human and social costs the Korean War had on America. Interviewees include Sen. John Glenn and John S. Warner, baseball’s Ted Williams, musician Willie Nelson, former Secretary of State James Baker, Rep. Charles Rangel, Lt. Col. Charles B. "Brad" Smith, and Gen. Raymond Davis.

Missing in MiG Alley (358.4283 DVD MIS)  56 min.  2007.  During the Korean War, Soviet and U.S. jet fighters clashed in the fastest dogfights ever seen. The most advanced planes of their day, the MiG-15 dueled with the F-86 Sabre over MiG Alley, a strip of airspace along the Korean-Chinese border. Over 30 U.S. and British pilots disappeared during combat over MiG Alley, leaving their family members with unanswered questions about the missing pilots' fate. There are eyewitness interviews and newly opened Soviet archives.

Unforgettable (951.9 DVD UNF)  54 min.  2010.  Korean War veterans recount their memories of America in the late 1940s and early 1950s, when young men from all over the country were shipped off to defend South Korea against the advancing Red Army in the north. This film recalls the 'un-won' war that never ended, as no one even wanted to call it a war: it was “the Korean conflict” or a “police action.” Finally, it was called the “Forgotten War.” No matter the name, the Korean War killed tens of thousands of U.S. citizens.