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Reading Advisory at the Ames Public Library
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Russian Films at Ames Public Library

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In Russian with English captions, unless otherwise noted.

Absurdistan (DVD FOREIGN ABS)  90 min.  2008. 

Welcome to Absurdistan, a small village in the high desert mountains, just on the outskirts of reality, where magical visions and bizarre events fuse together. The village is facing a water shortage, but the men are too lazy to fix a rickety pipeline and the women are getting fed up with their good-for-nothing husbands. The women make a simple vow: 'No water, no sex.'

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (DVD FOREIGN SHE)  In Russian with optional English soundtrack and optional Russian captions.  192 min.  1980. 

Episode 1: "The Master Blackmailer," Episode 2: "Deadly Fight," Episode 3: "Hunt for the Tiger."

Alexander Nevsky (DVD FOREIGN ALE)  108 min.  1998. 

This is the biographical story of Prince Alexander Nevsky and his successful resistance to an attempt by Teutonic Knights to invade Russia in 1242.

Andrei Rublev (DVD FOREIGN AND)  205 min.  1966. 

This fictional account features the 15th century icon painter who survives the cruelties of medieval Russia and his own conflicts to create renowned works of art. This version includes captions and the restoration of 40% of the original dialog; commentary, an essay by Vlada Petric, and an interview with Andrei Tarkovsky.

The Anna Akhmatove File (920 DVD AKHMATOVA, A.)  65 min.  1990. 

Although this Soviet poet’s works were banned and weren't published for 17 years, her poem 'Requiem' became the underground anthem for the millions who suffered under Stalin.

Barber of Siberia (DVD FOREIGN BAR)  In Russian with captions in a variety of languages.  180 min.  1998. 

This romance between a young Russian soldier and a foreign woman is set in Russia in 1885.

Burnt by the Sun (DVD FOREIGN BUR)  135 min.  1994. 

Nikita Mikhalkov directs and stars as a Revolutionary hero spending the summer in the country with his daughter (Mikhalkov's own daughter), his wife, and her eccentric family. His wife's childhood love appears and the idyllic day takes a surprising turn. This is an indelible account of a man dedicated to family and fatherland, destroyed by political paranoia.

Carmen (DVD FOREIGN CAR)  108 min.  2003. 

In this modern adaptation of Merime's Carmen, a cop falls into obsessive love with a young criminally talented woman, which drives him into degradation. Jealous, the cop starts killing, gets demoted, and joins criminal brotherhood − and finally kills her, facing a 20-year sentence.

The Cranes are Flying (DVD FOREIGN CRA)  94 min.  1957. 

When Veronica's lover, Boris, goes to war, she moves in with his family. His cousin seduces her and guilt-ridden, she marries him. Unhappy in her marriage and still in love with Boris, she leaves to await Boris’ return, only to learn he was killed in the war.

D'Artanyan and the Three Musketeers (DVD FOREIGN DAR)  250 min.  1979. 

Based on the novel Trois Mousquetaires by A. Dumas and originally released as a motion picture by Gosteleradio SSSR.

Day Watch (DVD FOREIGN DAY)  In Russian or English or Spanish, with English, Spanish or French subtitles; closed captioned.  146 min.  2006. 

Anton fights the forces of darkness while trying to find and save his son, but when vampires from the dark side mysteriously get killed, he is framed for their murders and must now try to escape the Day Watch who is looking for his blood.

Dersu Uzala (DVD FOREIGN DER)  140 min.  1975. 

The story of man’s unity with nature and the struggle for wilderness survival tells of the friendship of Soviet explorer Vladimir Arsenyev and his guide, Dersu Uzala.

4 (DVD FOREIGN FOU)  125 min.  2004. 

Two men and a woman happen to meet in a bar. Through their conversations, both the intriguing and banal details of their lives emerge. But is anyone really telling the truth? Topics are discussed from the meat market, to the president's drinking habit and even the Soviet cloning project. Following their late-night lies, these three strangers journey their separate ways through a surreal and apocalyptic landscape that is the dark heart of new Russia.

Golem, the Petrified Garden (DVD FOREIGN GOL)  84 min.  1991. 

This wry and humorous film follows Daniel, an art dealer, who travels to Siberia to claim his inheritance of an art collection, which includes a giant statue of a Golem. The long journey across Russia becomes an ironic encounter with the lost ideals of the Soviet Union after its collapse.



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