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Other DVDs and Videos on Russian Topics

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Sauna (DVD FOREIGN SAU) In Finnish or Russian, with English or Spanish captions. 84 min. 2008. 

Explores the space between Christianity and paganism. The year is 1595 - a long, brutal war is finally over. Brothers Knut and Erik, part of a commission marking the border between Finland and Russia, commit a terrible sin as they leave a young girl to die. As the commission crosses the uncharted swamp, the girl returns to haunt them. Weary men find solace from the nameless village and find a sauna where all sins are washed away.

7 Songs from the Tundra (DVD FOREIGN SEV) In Nenet and Russian, with English or French captions. 85 min. 2001. 

Filmmaker Anastasia Lapsui, a Nenet who hails from the Russian tundra, has combined Nenet legends with her personal experiences to portray the life of her people under the communist regime.

72 Metra (DVD FOREIGN SEV)  In Russian.  116 min.  2004. 

Every second is precious to a Russian submarine crew stranded 72 meters below the ocean's surface.

Solaris (DVD FOREIGN SEV)  167 min.  2011. 

This film was adapted from a Stanislaw Lem novel. Ground control has been receiving strange transmissions from the three remaining residents of the Solaris space station. When cosmonaut and psychologist Kris Kelvin is sent to investigate, he experiences the strange phenomena that afflict the Solaris crew, sending him on a voyage into the darkest recesses of his own consciousness.

Steamroller and the Violin (DVD FOREIGN STE)  43 min.  1960. 

At the center of the film is the unlikely friendship between a young boy who loves to play the violin and a macho steamroller driver. The film sidesteps sentimentality to give a warm yet ironic look at two individuals who bridge differences in generations to form a powerful bond.

Strike (DVD FOREIGN STR)  Black & white, silent film with intertitles in Russian and English translation.  89 min.  1925. 

Triggered by the suicide of a worker unjustly accused of theft, a strike is called by Moscow factory laborers. The managers, owner, and Czarist government dispatch infiltrators in an attempt to break the workers' unity. Unsuccessful, they hire the police and, in the film's most harrowing and powerful sequences, the unarmed strikers are slaughtered in a brutal confrontation.

The Thief (DVD FOREIGN THI)  94 min.  1997. 

In 1946, a soldier fathers a child and dies before his birth. Six years later, the mother and the child meet a handsome soldier in a train, and an incredible story of deception, heartbreak and betrayals ensue.  Nominated for an Academy Award (Best Foreign Language Film, 1997).

To Russia with Love (DVD CONCERT TO)  Sung principally in Russian, with one selection in Italian.  86 min.  Recorded live, St. Petersburg, September 15, 2006. 

Contents:  The White Acacia's Fragrant Flakes − Misty Morning − Do Not Awaken Memories − Tapestry − Bright Is the Night − Only Once − In Memory of Sergei Esenin − The Lonely Coach Bell Rings − The Troika Speeds, the Troika Gallops − Do Not Hurry − I'm Grateful to You − Spanish Dance from the film Gadfly − Tenderness − The Whisper of Birches − Waltz from Masquerade Suite − You Are My Melody − How Young We Were − O Sole Mio − Dark Eyes − Evening Song.

Treasures of Hermitage (708.947 DVD TRE)  162 min.  2003. 

Six films tell about the gems of the Hermitage collection. The museum holds a comprehensive collection of paintings and sculpture, which is rightfully considered one of the best of the world. The film series presents an absorbing narrative about the collection creation, the great masters whose works adorn the fabulous rooms, and the works themselves.

Tulpan (DVD FOREIGN TUL)  In Kazakh with English captions.  100 min.  2008. 

Asa is a young Russian naval service dreamer who returns to the desolate Hunger Steppe to begin a hardscrabble career as a shepherd. Before he can tend his own flock, Asa must win the hand of the only eligible bachelorette for miles, his neighbor Tulpan. Accompanied by his girlie magazine-reading sidekick, Asa will stop at nothing to prove he is a worthy husband and herder.

12 (DVD FOREIGN TWE)  160 min.  2007. 

Set in contemporary Moscow, 12 men must decide the fate of a young man accused of murdering his step-father. In a jury room, each man takes center stage to confront, connect, and confess while the accused awaits a verdict and revisits his war journey through flashbacks.

The Vanished Empire (DVD FOREIGN VAN)  104 min.  2008. 

Trapped by obligations to his brother, single mother, and aging grandfather, 18-year-old Sergey rebels by shirking responsibility. With diplomat's son Kostya and schoolmate Styopa, Sergey pursues girls, drugs, and rock n' roll. But the arrival of gorgeous, innocent Lyuda threatens to break Sergey out of his rootless cycle of teenage kicks, even as it tests his already tenuous connection to friends, family, past, and future.

Vladimir Vinokur 2003(DVD FOREIGN VLA)  120 min.  2003.  

Stand-up comedy.

War and Peace (DVD FOREIGN WAR)  403 min.  1967. 

This detailed adaptation of the Tolstoy novel follows the lives of a group of Russian aristocrats from 1805 to 1812, including Napoleon's invasion of Russia.

Ward No. 6 (DVD FOREIGN WAR)  83 min.  2009. 

An adaptation of Anton Chekhov's 1892 short story “Palata No. 6,” Ward No. 6 chronicles one man's descent into madness. The head doctor at a provincial insane asylum daily interacts with the abandoned, the unloved and the forgotten. Lonely and isolated in his personal life, he finds solace in the philosophical dialogues with his patient Gromov, which lead him to question the nature of his own existence. Updated to the present, the film is shot in a mental institution on the outskirts of Moscow, and features interviews with patients, illuminating the writer's genius for a new generation.

Window to Paris (DVD FOREIGN WIN)  In Russian.  100 min.  1994. 

Fired music teacher Nikolai gets a communal room in an apartment. The room's previous inhabitant died a year ago, and yet her cat, Maxi, is still in the locked room, healthy and fat. Soon, Nikolai and his neighbors discover there is a window to Paris in the room. The comedy begins – will the Russians be able to cope with the temptation to profit from the discovery?

Woman in Berlin (DVD FOREIGN WOM)  In Russian and German, with English captions.  127 min.  2009. 

Women become the victims of the Red Army invasion in Berlin in 1945. One of them, Anonyma, an educated woman, decides to look for an officer who can protect her. A complex symbiotic relationship develops between her and Russian officer Andrej that will force them to remain enemies until the bitter end.


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