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Other DVDs and Videos on Russian Topics

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Anna Karenina (DVD DRAMA ANN)  111 min.  1948. 

Based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy.  Passion and family conflict in 19th century upper class Russia. Anna (Vivian Leigh), the wife of a stuffy bureaucrat, falls in love with a dashing cavalry officer. Ultimately discarded by her lover, she is driven to suicide.

The Ballad of Bering Strait (DVD CONCERT BER)  99 min.  2003. 

This documentary follows the classically trained Russian musicians of the country music group Bering Strait, who follow their dream of coming to America from Russia in hopes of becoming country music stars.

Cambridge Spies (DVD TV CAM)  240 min.  2003. 

It is based on the true story of four brilliant young men at Cambridge University who are recruited to spy for Russia. They take huge personal risks to pass Britain's biggest secrets to Moscow.

Catherine the Great (920 DVD CATHERINE THE GREAT)  90 min.  2006. 

Venture deep into the world of the Empress Catherine: a world of secrets, deception, conquest, and glory. She adroitly rides the shifting currents of social change and unrest to become one of Russia’s most unforgettable and beloved rulers.

Catherine the Great (920 DVD CATHERINE II, EMPRESS OF RUSSIA)  120 min.  2006. 

A young girl transforms herself from an obscure German Princess into Catherine the Great, Russia's most powerful regent.

The Cherry Orchard (DVD DRAMA CHE)  137 min.  1999. 

A revival of Anton Chekhov's masterpiece of imprisonment in wealth and regret.  A second version of the play (DVD DRAMA CHE) features the 1962 cast: Peggy Ashcroft, John Gielgud, Dorothy Tutin; and 1981 cast: Judi Dench, Bill Paterson, Anton Lessor.

Doctor Zhivago (DVD DRAMA DOC)  200 min.  1965. 

The life of a surgeon, who is also a poet, husband, and lover, is disrupted by war. It alters the lives of many, including Tonya, the gentle woman he marries, and Lara, the woman he cannot forget.

Enemy at the Gates (DVD ACTION ENE)  131 min.  2001. 

This film is based on the true story of WWII Russian hero Vassili Zaitsev, whose fame pitted him against the Nazis’ best sharpshooter, Major Erwin Konig.

Fiddler on the Roof (DVD MUSICAL FID)  179 min.  1971. 

Tevye is a poor Jewish milkman with five unmarried daughters in a village in Czarist Russia. With a sharp-tongued wife at home and growing anti-Semitism in the village, he talks to God about his troubles. His people's traditions keep him strong when his existence is as precariously balanced as a fiddler on the roof.

The Great Famine (947 DVD GRE)  60 min.  2011. 

When a devastating famine descended on Soviet Russia in 1921, Americans responded with a massive two-year relief campaign, championed by a new Secretary of Commerce, 'The Great Humanitarian' Herbert Hoover, an operation hailed for its efficiency, grit, and generosity. The film is based on the book The Big Show in Bololand by Bertrand M. Patenaude.

Icons of Power: Wrath of the Tsar, Peter the Great (920 DVD PETER I, EMPEROR OF RUSSIA)  90 min.  2006. 

Peter the Great took Russia from an isolated and primitive borderland into an 18th century powerhouse.

Keeping Score: Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring (784.184 DVD KEE)  107 min.  2006. 

Music director Michael Tilson Thomas and the musicians of the San Francisco Symphony go from the salons of St. Petersburg to the villages where Stravinsky found inspiration in the earthy power of Russian folk music and dance. Thomas retraces Stravinsky's journey to the cultural crossroads of pre-war Paris, where the composer collaborates with the great impresario Diaghilev and his star dancer Nijinsky to develop the shocking, erotic, and violent evocation of pagan Russia that became The Rite of Spring. It includes a live performance of Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring and music from The Firebird by the San Francisco Symphony, with Thomas conducting.

The Kremlin (947.31 DVD KRE)  56 min.  1963. 

Once the heart of Soviet Russia, the Kremlin embodies the rich and fascinating cultural heritage of Moscow. For the first time, an American film crew is allowed to enter and discover the rich treasures and history of the government.

Reilly, Ace of Spies (DVD TV REI)  628 min.  1983. 

At the turn of the 20th century, one man single-handedly tried to alter the course of history. Sidney Reilly was a Russian-born British agent who transformed modern espionage techniques and set the mold for the super spy. From one heart-pulsing mission after another, from stealing top-secret Russian oil information to a near overthrow of the Bolshevik Revolution to his final capture by Stalin's forces in 1918, Reilly's exploits are at times so daring, it's hard to believe they are actual history.

Russia, Land of the Tsars (947 DVD RUS)   2 volumes.  2003. 

From the settlement of Russe Vikings to the murder of Tsar Nicholas II and his family, this program covers nearly a thousand years of despair and rebellion, innovation and conflict. It explores the tumultuous lives of Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, and Catherine the Great. Events include the history-changing December Revolution and Napoleon's ill-fated invasion.

Sputnik Mania (629.46472 DVD SPU)  87 min.  2008. 

On Oct. 4, 1957, the USSR announced to an unsuspecting world that it had launched the first man-made object ever to successfully orbit earth. Americans were stunned and then terrified, asking themselves what had happened to their academic and technological superiority; could the Soviets overtake them; could their satellites be used as weapons of mass destruction? The satellite had impact on the American psyche, and the shock catapulted the nation from complacency into action.

Top Gun Over Moscow (358.4131 DVD TOP)  60 min.  1996. 

For half a century the free world feared them. Now, for the first time meet the rugged pilots of the Russian Air Force and take a close-up look at heart-stopping maneuvers that astonish Western flyers.