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Reading Advisory at the Ames Public Library
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Scandinavian Films at Ames Public Library

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After the Wedding (DVD FOREIGN AFT)  In Danish with English captions.  119 min.  2006

Desperate to save an Indian orphanage, a man returns to Denmark to ask a wealthy businessman to help. What starts out as a meeting at a wedding turns into a series of devastating surprises. Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film.

As it is in Heaven (DVD FOREIGN AS)  In Swedish with English captions.  132 min.  2005. 

Daniel, a successful international conductor, returns to his childhood village in Sweden.  Soon thereafter, the church choir seeks him out to solicit his advice.  He can’t refuse, and nothing in the village is the same again.  As the amateur choir develops and grows, he is drawn to the people of his old hometown, makes friends, and finds love.

Autumn Sonata (DVD DRAMA AUT)  In Swedish with English captions or dubbed in English.  92 min.  1978. 

A concert pianist visits her grown daughter after a seven-year absence. Aching with the memory of her mother's neglect, the introverted daughter explodes into a rage and the reunion turns into a confrontation.

Babette’s Feast (DVD FOREIGN BAB)  In Danish, English, French, or Spanish with captions in English, French, Spanish, or Chinese.  102 min.  1988. 

Chef Babette lives a quiet life on Denmark's coast. As housekeeper and cook to two dour women, she never prepares exciting meals. Then she wins 10,000 francs and decides to create the most memorable meal ever eaten. Based on the story by Baroness Karen von Blixen-Finecke (April 17, 1885 - September 7, 1962), née Dinesen, a Danish author also known under her pen name Isak Dinesen. Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film of 1987.

Bergman Island (920 DVD BERGMAN, I.)  In Swedish with English captions.  83 min.   2006. 

A candid interview with the reclusive director at his home of Faro Island, as he discusses his fears, regrets, films, and passion for his work.

The Bothersome Man (DVD FOREIGN BOT)  In Norwegian with English captions.  90 min.  2007. 

Andreas arrives in a strange city with no memory of how he got there. He is presented with a job, an apartment - even a wife. But before long, Andreas notices that something is wrong.

Brothers (DVD FOREIGN BRO)  In Danish with English, Spanish, or French captions.  117 min.  2004. 

Two brothers struggle for their place in the family after one is sent to war. The dependable older brother who goes to war is missing-in-action and presumed dead. His irresponsible brother cares for the presumed widow. When the missing brother returns from prison camp, his role and that of his brother shift.

The Celebration (DVD FOREIGN CEL)  In Danish with English captions.  106 min.  1998. 

At a Danish man’s birthday party, his son reveals a dark secret that contributed to his twin sister's suicide.

Cries and Whispers (DVD FOREIGN CRI)  In Swedish with English captions.  91 min.  1972. 

Four women search for spiritual peace. Agnes, a spinster who lives with her housekeeper, is dying of cancer and is visited one last time by her two sisters, Karin and Maria. These two become entangled in jealousy, manipulation, and selfishness. Yet Agnes, tortured by cancer, is able to transcend her sisters' pettiness to remember moments of staggering beauty, as well as horror.

Cross My Heart and Hope to Die (DVD FOREIGN CRO)  In Norwegian with English captions.  96 min.  1994. 

Otto Olsen is the smallest boy on the soccer team and finds it hard to gain acceptance from his teammates. Otto is left behind to spend his summer vacation at home. A chain of serious events occurs − involving his family, turning Otto's childhood upside down.

Elling (DVD FOREIGN ELL)  In Norwegian with English captions.  89 min.  2001. 

After two years in a state home, the shy and neurotic Elling and his sex-obsessed friend Kjell are released to enter the real world. In a state-funded apartment in the center of Oslo, they are told to behave responsibly and act like normal people. In time, the two adjust and find oddball ways of coping with society.

Everlasting Moments (DVD FOREIGN EVE)  In Swedish with English captions.  131 min.  2008. 

Though poor and abused by her alcoholic husband, Maria Larsson wins a camera in a lottery and finds an outlet in photography, which opens up her world for the first time.



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