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Reading Advisory at the Ames Public Library
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Spanish Films at Ames Public Library

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In Spanish with English captions, unless otherwise noted.

800 Bullets (DVD FOREIGN EIG)  124 min.  2002. 

This anarchic comedy centers on a 12-year-old boy who sneaks off to find the Spanish setting of a number of Hollywood westerns in hopes of finding his grandfather, a former stuntman, who he's learned is still alive and performing at the run-down theme park.

Alamar (DVD FOREIGN ALA)  73 min.  2010. 

Jorge’s five-year-old son Natan will soon leave to live with his mother in Rome. To teach Natan about Mayan heritage, Jorge takes him to the Chinchorro reef and shows him a fisherman's life. As their bond strengthens, Natan lives in harmony with life above and below the water.

All About My Mother (DVD FOREIGN ALL)  In Spanish with English or French captions.  102 min.  1999.  

Manuela is the perfect mother. A hard-working nurse, she's built a life for herself and her teenage son. But when tragedy strikes and her son is killed, her world crumbles.

Altiplano (DVD FOREIGN ALT)  In Spanish, Quechua, English, French and Persian, with English captions.  106 min.  2009. 

In the Peruvian Andes, deadly traces of mercury – remnants of silver mining – bring illness and death. Seeking retribution, the villagers mistakenly attribute the outbreak to Western doctors. Two women – a dead villager’s fiancé and a murdered doctor’s wife – are brought together in a divided yet intertwined world.

Amor en Transito (DVD FOREIGN AMO)  96 min.  2009. 

Mercedes is cleaning up her life in Buenos Aires in order to return to her boyfriend Juan in Barcelona. But something keeps her from leaving. She stumbles upon Ariel, who grows attracted to her and her complicated situation. Juan arrives in Argentina after many years of absence, looking for the woman he loves. Instead he finds Micaela, who was recently abandoned by her lover.

Amores Perros (DVD FOREIGN AMO)  In Spanish or French, with English, French, or Spanish captions.  153 min.  2000. 

Three people are catapulted into dramatic circumstances in the wake of a terrible car crash: a young punk stumbles into the sinister world of dog fighting; an injured supermodel's designer pooch disappears into the apartment's floorboards; and an ex-radical turned hit man rescues a gunshot Rottweiler.

Andrés No Quiere Dormir la Siesta (Andres Doesn’t Want to Take a Nap) (DVD FOREIGN AND)  108 min.  2009. 

This award-winning film describes a boy pushed by circumstances to come of age quickly. After his mother dies, Andrés lives with his grandmother and his estranged father. Andrés doesn't like to nap and wanders through the neighborhood, where an illegal detention center is hidden. His curiosity places him in danger.

Angel de Fuego (DVD FOREIGN ANG)  92 min.  1991. 

Alma is an adolescent trapeze artist and fire-breather in a miserable Mexico City circus that becomes a brothel at night. Alma, in love with her father ─ an old and sick clown ─ bears the fruit of their incest. She decides to have the baby and abandons the circus.

Asi Del Precipicio (On the Edge) (DVD FOREIGN ASI)  99 min.  2006. 

Three female friends find themselves at life's crossroads.  Money, sex, and marriage: it's not adding up like they thought it would. Each of them is plagued with extreme lack, extreme excess, or both. All are on the edge, and some will fall.

August Evening (DVD FOREIGN AUG)  141 min.  2007. 

Jaime and his wife Maria live in a poor town in Mexico with their widowed daughter-in-law, Lupe. They trudge through life, but enjoy each other's company. When Maria dies, Jaime and Lupe move from relative to relative. In time, Lupe lands a factory job and Jaime looks for work. Jaime tries to get her to marry Luis, and Lupe eventually learns to appreciate Luis.

Backyard (DVD FOREIGN BAC)  122 min.  2009. 

An idealistic policewoman arrives in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, to investigate the murder of a young woman found in the desert. The film incorporates the reality of the massive number of unsolved crimes against women, including kidnapping, rape and murder, in the border town located in the backyard of the United States.

Bad Day to Go Fishing (DVD FOREIGN BAD)  107 min.  2011. 

Jacob Van Oppen, the former strongest man on Earth, and his manager, Orsini, make a good living by traveling around South American towns, organizing bogus wrestling exhibitions in run-down theaters. Once they disembark at Santa Maria, business kicks off: the newspaper sponsors the fight and helping hands place posters announcing an open call for a worthy adversary.

Bad Education (DVD FOREIGN BAD)  105 min.  2004. 

This film traces the effects of sexual abuse and religious schooling on the lives of two lifelong friends.

Barrio (DVD FOREIGN BAR)  98 min.  1998. 

Caught in the concrete jungle of the big city, 15-year-old friends Rai, Manu, and Javi pass the summer dreaming of girls and sandy beaches. Javi is surprised by his friends' sexual interest in his sister Susi. Manu struggles to keep his pizza delivery job without a vehicle. Rai enters a contest for an exotic vacation, but wins a jet ski that is stolen before he can sell it. Manu and his father lie about Manu's absent junkie brother, while Javi's mother gets a court restraint against Javi's violent father.

Barrio Cuba (DVD FOREIGN BAR)  106 min.  2007. 

The leading characters live life to its fullest, propelling themselves over and over against an uncertain fate, searching for a way out. The harsh reality of the barrio contests them, but they never lose the hope of a better future.

Belle Époque (DVD FOREIGN BEL)  109 min.  1992. 

A handsome Spanish Civil War deserter befriends a free-thinking artist and enters a romantic dilemma when the artist's four beautiful daughters return to their country home.

Biutiful (DVD FOREIGN BIU)  147 min.  2011. 

Uxbal is a man on the wrong side of the law who struggles to provide for his children on the dangerous streets of Barcelona. As fate encircles him, Uxbal learns to accept the realities of life, whether bright, bad, or biutiful.

El Bola (DVD FOREIGN BOL)  87 min.  2000. 

El Bola, a 12-year-old boy raised in a violent and unforgiving environment, meets a new classmate and learns a new definition of friendship.

Bombón, el Perro (DVD FOREIGN BOM)  97 min.  2004. 

Life has not been easy for 52-year-old Juan 'Coco' Villegas. Juan loses his job after 20 years in Patagonia as a gas station attendant. He first tries selling knives of his own making. But business is bad and he can't find work. One day, after fixing a farm vehicle, he gets paid, not with money, but with a beautiful Argentinean watch-dog. From this blessed day on, things start looking up.

Broken Embraces (DVD FOREIGN BRO)  127 min.  2009. 

“Harry Caine, a blind writer, reaches this moment in time when he has to heal his wounds from 14 years back. He was then still known by his real name, Mateo Blanco, and directing his last movie."--IMDb.

Butterfly (DVD FOREIGN BUT)  In Galician, Spanish, or French, with English, Spanish, or French captions.  95 min.  1999. 

A shy young boy is brought out of his cocoon by a teacher who shows him the wonder of the natural world amidst the growing tensions and chaos of the Spanish Civil War.



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