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Ames Public Library's Reading Connection
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Scrapbooking Friends & Family

by Creating Keepsakes (745.5 SCR)

Seeking a Simpler Spirit

by DeFord, Deborah (291.44 DEF)

Self-Made Man: One Woman's Journey into Manhood and
Back Again

by Vincent, Norah (NEW 920 VINCENT, N.)

A Severe Mercy

by Vanauken, Sheldon (248 VAN)

A Sheltering Love

by Reed, Terri (REE)

The Shunning

by Lewis, Beverly (LEW)

Small Steps

by Sachar, Louis (TEEN SPACE YA SAC)

Smart Women Finish Rich

by Bach, David (332.024 BAC)

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

by See, Lisa (SEE)

Society Girls

by Mason, Sarah (MAS)

The Soloman Sisters Wise Up

by Senate, Melissa (SEN)

Something Borrowed

by Giffin, Emily (GIF)

Song of Solomon

by Morrison, Toni (MOR)

Song of the Road

by Garlock, Dorothy (GAR)

The Stolen Child

by Donohue, Keith (NEW DON)


by Brent, Madeleine (BRE)

Sugarplum Dead

by Hart, Carolyn (MYS HAR)

Super-Sized Kids

by Larimore, Walter, Sherri Flynt (NEW 613.2083 LAR)

Surviving the Seasons

by Kupfer, Fern (KUP)

Sweeping Beauty: Contemporary Women Poets do Housework

by Gemin, Pamela (NEW 811.54 SWE)

Sweet Revenge

by Michaels, Fern (NEW MIC)

Sweet Ruin

by Hanover, Cathi (NEW HAN)


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