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Crossed Bones by Carolyn Haines (MYS HAI) **

Hallowed Bones by Carolyn Haines (MYS HAI) **

Judas Burning by Carolyn Haines (MYS HAI) **

Dark Water by Linda Hall (MYS HAL) **

Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris (MYS HAR) *

Shakespeare's Christmas by Charlaine Harris (MYS HAR) *

The Christie Caper by Carolyn G. Hart (MYS HAR) **

Murder at Five Finger Light by Sue Henry (MYS HEN) **

The Maggody Militia by Joan Hess (MYS HES) *

The Murder at the Murder at the Mimosa Inn by Joan Hess

   (MYS HES) * by Joan Hess (MYS HES) **

Deadheads by Reginald Hill (MYS HIL) *

Killing Time by Linda Howard (MYS HOW) **


An Unsuitable Job for a Woman by P.D. James (MYS JAM) *


Wrong Place, Wrong Time by Andrea Kane (MYS KAN) *

The Beekeeper's Apprentice: On the Segregation of the Queen
   by Laurie R. King (MYS KIN) *

Dating Dead Men by Harley Jane Kozak (MYS KOZ) **


Blood from a Stone by Donna Leon (MYS LEO) **

Death in a Strange Country by Donna Leon (MYS LEO) **

Doctored Evidence by Donna Leon (MYS LEO) **

Killer Blonde by Laura Levine (MYS LEV) **

Shoes to Die For by Laura Levine (MYS LEV) **

This Pen for Hire by Laura Levine (MYS LEV) **

Baltimore Blues by Laura Lippman (MYS LIP) *


Lost Lake by Phillip Margolin (MYS MAR) *

Sleeping Beauty by Phillip Margolin (MYS MAR) **

Southern Discomfort by Margaret Maron (MYS MAR) *

Winter's Child by Margaret Maron (MYS MAR) *

The Marble Mask by Archer Mayor (MYS MAY) **
Occam's Razor by Archer Mayor (MYS MAY) **

Tucker Peak by Archer Mayor (MYS MAY) **

Back to School Murder by Leslie Meier (MYS MEI) *

Bake Sale Murder by Leslie Meier (MYS MEI) **


The Outcast Dove by Sharan Newman (MYS NEW) **


Guardian Angel by Sara Paretsky (MYS PAR) *

Bad Business by Robert B. Parker (MYS PAR) **

Chance by Robert B. Parker (MYS PAR) **

1st to Die by James Patterson (MYS PAT) *

2nd Chance by James Patterson (MYS PAT) *

3rd Degree by James Patterson (MYS PAT) **

4th of July by James Patterson (MYS PAT) *

Red Hot Murder by Joanne Pence (MYS PEN) **

Half Moon Street by Anne Perry (MYS PER) *


Black and Blue by Ian Rankin (MYS RAN) **

The Black Book by Ian Rankin (MYS RAN) **

The Hanging Garden by Ian Rankin (MYS RAN) **

Mortal Causes by Ian Rankin (MYS RAN) **

Set in Darkness by Ian Rankin (MYS RAN) **

Death in the Orchid Garden by Ann Ripley (MYS RIP) *

Summer Garden Murder by Ann Ripley (MYS RIP) *

The Cross-Legged Knight by Candace Robb (MYS ROB) *

Consolation for an Exile by Caroline Roe (MYS ROE) *

A Draught for a Dead Man by Caroline Roe (MYS ROE) **

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón (MYS RUI) *


Dead by Morning by Dorothy Simpson (MYS SIM) **

Once Too Often by Dorothy Simpson (MYS SIM) **

Three Doors to Death by Rex Stout (MYS STO) *


First Light by William G. Tapply & Philip R. Craig (MYS TAP) **

The Vulgar Boatman by William G. Tapply (MYS TAP) *

Sherlock Holmes and the Masquerade Murders
   by Frank Thomas (MYS THO) **

Monkeewrench by P.J. Tracy (MYS TRA) **


Seeking Whom He May Devour by Fred Vargas (MYS VAR) *


Bye-Bye Black Sheep by Ayelet Waldman (MYS WAL) *

Messenger of Truth by Jacqueline Winspear (MYS WIN) *


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