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Ames Public Library's Reading Connection
Left Corner

Readers' Choice

Left Corner
Fiction: A-G | H-Z



When Will There Be Good News? by Kate Atkinson (MYS ATK)



Deep Pockets by Linda Barnes (MYS BAR)
Hounded to Death by Rita Mae Brown (MYS BRO)



One Shot by Lee Child (MYS CHI)
At Bertram’s Hotel by Agatha Christie (MYS CHR)
A Caribbean Mystery by Agatha Christie (MYS CHR)
Peril at End House by Agatha Christie (MYS CHR)
Elementary, My Dear Watkins by Mindy Starns Clark (MYS CLA)
Two Little Girls in Blue by Mary Higgins Clark (MYS CLA)
Steamed by Jessica Conant-Park (MYS CON)
Turn Up the Heat by Jessica Conant-Park (MYS CON)



Dark Tort by Diane Mott Davidson (MYS DAV)



Ten Big Ones by Janet Evanovich (MYS EVA)



Odds Against by Dick Francis (MYS FRA)
The Ten Commandments by Anthea Fraser (MYS FRA)
The Servant’s Tale by Margaret Frazer (MYS FRA)



A Great Deliverance by Elizabeth George (MYS GEO)


The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett (MYS HAM)
Club Dead by Charlaine Harris (MYS HAR)
Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris (MYS HAR)
Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris (MYS HAR)
Dead Men Don’t Crochet by Betty Hechtman (MYS HEC)
Mummy Dearest by Joan Hess (MYS HES)
The Price of Butcher’s Meat by Reginald Hill (MYS HIL)
Handbags and Homicide by Dorothy Howell (MYS HOW)


Vengeance by Stuart Kaminsky (MYS KAM)
Death al Dente by Peter King (MYS KIN)
Dying on the Vine by Peter King (MYS KIN)
Eat, Drink, and Be Buried by Peter King (MYS KIN)
The Gourmet Detective by Peter King (MYS KIN)
Bloody Mary by J.A. Konrath (MYS KON)
Dirty Martini by J.A. Konrath (MYS KON)
Fuzzy Navel by J.A. Konrath (MYS KON)
Whiskey Sour by J.A. Konrath (MYS KON)


The Telltale Turtle by Joyce and Jim Lavene (MYS LAV)


Hounding the Pavement by Judi McCoy (MYS MCC)
A Body to Die For by G.A. McKevett (MYS MCK)
Poisoned Tarts by G.A. McKevett (MYS MCK)
Burn Out by Marcia Muller (MYS MUL)


Sacred Cows by Karen Olson (MYS OLS)
Secondhand Smoke by Karen Olson (MYS OLS)


Bad Business by Robert B. Parker (MYS PAR)
High Profile by Robert B. Parker (MYS PAR)
A Rule Against Murder by Louise Penny (MYS PEN)
Buckingham Palace Gardens by Anne Perry (MYS PER)
Dark Assassin by Anne Perry (MYS PER)
Long Spoon Lane by Anne Perry (MYS PER)
Warning at One by Ann Purser (MYS PUR)


Whisper to the Blood by Dana Stabenow (MYS STA)


Legacy of the Dead by Charles Todd (MYS TOD)
Search the Dark by Charles Todd (MYS TOD)
Watchers of Time by Charles Todd (MYS TOD)
Wings of Fire by Charles Todd (MYS TOD)


Poison in the Pen by Patricia Wentworth (MYS WEN)
Among the Mad by Jacqueline Winspear (MYS WIN)
Shoot Him If He Runs by Stuart Woods (MYS WOO)


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