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HeritageQuest Online has changed the way you access their database. We are hoping that this will solve all of the problems that we have been having with firewalls and other security issues. When prompted for a barcode, please enter the 7 digit barcode found on the back of your library card. If you are still having problems accessing HeritageQuest, please follow the steps listed at the bottom of the page.


The Ames Public Library has changed the way you will be accessing Heritage Quest Online.


Click Here - To Access Heritage Quest Online. When prompted for a barcode use the 7 digit barcode on the back of your library card. Next enter your 4-digit pin number.


AOL users please note: Heritage Quest Online has some issues with AOL version 9. There are two fixes if you are having problems with AOL.
  • Try holding the CTRL key down while pressing the Reload button in AOL. This should reload the page and reset the cache.
  • If that doesn't work, try logging in to AOL as normal and then minimize it. Start up another browser such as Internet Explorer and then try logging into Heritage Quest.

For best results, we recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5+, or Netscape 6.02+ The very minimum version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or Netscape Navigator 4.75 can be used.
NOTE: with the minimum browsers you will not take advantage of all the features of HeritageQuest.


Enable JavaScript (enabled by default). If you disable JavaScript, HeritageQuest interface features will not operate properly.


Make sure your browser's security is set to medium or medium/low.


Make sure your personal security software is set to allow use of HeritageQuest (use where the instructions say ). Having incorrect firewall settings could cause an error regarding browser incompatibility even though you have a browser listed above.


Make sure your computer has a valid computer system date.


Install Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Accept cookies.


If none of the above suggestions help, you can go directly to the HeritageQuest online technical support page where more options are listed:  Frequently Asked Questions for: HeritageQuest Online


If you are sure all of your settings match those listed above and you are still having problems please contact to get help. You may also contact HeritageQuest technical support at