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Financial Calculators

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There are many calculators available. This is a listing of some examples. The calculators all do the same thing but they do it in different ways. Use this list to find a calculator that you like. Calculator

Includes mortgage, auto loan, retirement, credit card, and FICO score.

Choose to Save

Choose to Save is sponsored by the Employee Benefit Research Institute and the American Savings Education Council.

Financial Aid Calculators

Figure out how much college will cost and how to save for it with these handy calculators.

FINRA Tools and Calculators

A variety of interactive tools that can help you plan your financial future, from getting background information about your broker to using financial calculators.

Mortgage 101

Calculators at this site are specifically geared for home-buyers. Includes calculators to help you decide about buying vs. renting, refinancing, qualifying for a loan, etc.

Motley Fool Calculators

Mortgage, savings, retirement, bonds, etc.


Social Security Benefits

This site calculates your social security benefit based on information you provide about earnings and your anticipated retirement age.

USA Today's Personal Finance Calculators

Includes auto loan, mortgage, college savings and retirement calculators.

Yahoo! Financial Calculators

Mortgage, savings, retirement, college savings, etc.