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Booklists are available in the Youth Services Department.

Many titles are available as electronic downloads in audio or eBook format.  Ask at the Youth Desk for assistance or more information.

Once Upon a Marigold (YA FER)

by Jean Ferris

This funny fantasy stars a runaway named Chris who is taken in by Edric, a troll. Chris is raised on Edric’s wisdom and an etiquette book found in the forest. Chris develops an interest in Princess Marigold, who he becomes best friends with through p-mail (carrier pigeons). He decides to take a job as a servant in the castle in the hopes of meeting Marigold, but there, things are a little more complicated than he imagined.

Storky: How I Lost My Nickname and Won the Girl (YA GAR)

by D.L. Garfinkle

Freshman year is never easy, but Michael Pomerantz has one thing that makes it even harder: the nickname Storky. Nothing is going the right way for Michael and to top it all off his body chooses Spanish class to embarrass him. But with the help and advice of Duke (the Scrabble buddy), things start to look up for Michael.

A Fate Totally Worse Than Death (YA FLE) 

by Paul Fleischman

In this horror novel parody, three self-centered members of Cliffside high school’s ruling clique, who are beginning to age rapidly are becoming convinced that the beautiful new exchange student is the ghost of the girl whose death they caused the year before.


by Carl Hiassen

Unfortunately, Roy’s first acquaintance in Florida is a well-known bully. Then again, if the bully hadn’t been mashing his face against the school-bus window, Roy might never have spotted the running boy with no shoes.  Roy sets himself on the boy’s trail. The chase introduces him to potty-trained alligators, a fake-fart champion, some burrowing owls, a renegade eco-avenger, and several extremely poisonous snakes with unnaturally sparkling tails.

Son of the Mob (YA KOR, YA CD KOR)

by Gordon Korman

Generally, dates that involve bodies wrapped in blankets found in the trunk of a car don’t end well. 17-year-old, Vince Luca knows all about that. Dumped by the girl, embarrassed by his mafia-boss dad, Vince is determined to stay out of the family business. When Kendra, his new girlfriend, turns out to be the daughter of the FBI agent currently bugging his house, all of Vince’s plans to be a “normal” guy go out the window.

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie (YA LUB, YA CD LUB)

by David Lubar

Scott Hudson is small, lost and a Freshman. The seniors trap him and take his spare change. His honors homework keeps him up all night, and his gym teacher is trying to kill him.  To top it off, his mother is pregnant. He starts a journal to the unborn baby, and with comical entries he begins to cope with his life.

The Wee Free Men (YA PRA, YA CD PRA)

by Terry Pratchett

Tiffany Aching’s little brother has been stolen by the Queen of the Fairies (although Tiffany doesn’t think this is entirely bad). To help her get him back, Tiffany is armed (with a frying pan) and has her granny’s magic book (is Diseases of the Sheep a magic book?).  She’s also got the the Wee Free Men, the fightin’, thievin’, tiny blue-skinned pixies who were thrown out of Fairyland for being Drunk and Disorderly, on her side.

Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging (YA REN)

by Louise Rennison

The humorous journal of a year in the life of Georgia, a fourteen-year-old British girl who tries to reduce the size of her nose, stop her mad cat from terrorizing the neighborhood animals, and win the love of handsome hunk Robbie.

Surviving the Applewhites (YA TOL)

by Stephanie S. Tolan

Jake has been expelled from school after school and a home school, run by the eccentric Applewhite family, is his last chance. Each and every Applewhite is an artist except for E.D., who longs for order and predictability. E.D. finds herself paired with Jake in the family’s first experiment in “cooperative education” and neither Jake nor E.D. is happy with the arrangement. The only thing they have in common is the determination to survive the outrageous Applewhite family.