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Catch storytime on Facebook Live Tuesdays and Fridays at 10am. (Many are available on our YouTube channel.)

Listen to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz for your nightly Bedtime Story--or any time!

Teens are welcome to hang out and connect with other local teens on our APL Teen Space Discord server! To get your very own invite, fill out this short form.

Try the Stay Inside & Thrive Challenges:
Stay Inside & Thrive Challenge: Read, Watch, Do, Share

Are you ready for something new? Try our first ever Weekly Challenge! Pick from our Read/Watch/Do challenges, or go for all three, and share your progress with us. Your prize will be the respect and admiration of your local librarians. (Also, you may enjoy expanding your horizons!)

See how Cathy and Nathaniel are tackling this week's challenge on our YouTube channel.

  • Read: Dive into a "one day I'll read this" book that's been on your list for a long time. Audiobooks and e-books count!
  • Watch: Learn about another place or culture by watching a film set in another country.
  • Do: Create a journal of things that you have watched, played, or read while social distancing.
  • Share: Find the Stay Inside & Thrive post on our Facebook page and post a picture or tell us what you watched, read, or did! (

Keep challenging yourself! Pick from our Read/Watch/Do challenges, or go for all three, and share your progress with us. 

See how Seth and Jill are tackling this week's challenge on our YouTube channel.

  • Read: Catch up on a classic that is new to you.
  • Watch: Watch one of Ames Public Library's online videos or Storytime on Facebook Live.
  • Do: In celebration of National Poetry Month, create a haiku of a topic of your choice. A haiku is a three line poem with 17 syllables written in a 5, 7, 5 syllable count. 
  • Share: Share your family-friendly haiku on our Facebook page.

Through the end of April, you can read or listen to the first Harry Potter book on Bridges or Hoopla! We're celebrating Harry Potter this week with our weekly challenge and book recommendations. (Don't worry muggles, we have lots of non-Potter ideas for you too!) Pick from our Read/Watch/Do challenges, or try all three, and share your progress with us.

Megan and Jerri give you some details on our YouTube channel.

  • Read: Read a book that has inspired a movie or television show.
  • Watch: Watch a movie or television show that has been inspired by a book. (This can be the same title you read!) 
  • Do: Start learning a new language online with Mango or Little Pim.
  • Share: Tell us which movie or book was better in your opinion.

Need some inspiration? Try our week 4 challenges!

  • Read: A magazine or newspaper that is found online or in your home.
  • Watch: Watch a movie from the American Film Institute's 100 Years 100 Movies list
  • Do: Try out Library Edition, or call/video chat a family member and ask them to share a story from their life.
  • Share: Share what you read or watched and give it a rating between 1-5 stars (5 stars being the best)!

Anastasia and Chris are excited to share the details on our YouTube channel.

We're kicking off another month of challenges! What will you tackle first?

  • Read: Look through a cookbook or read a book about food.
  • Watch: Watch a musical, concert, or music video or listen to music that gets you moving.
  • Do: Have a dance party at home! If you choose, take a video and post it on APL's Facebook page.
  • Share: Share the title of the book you read, the music you enjoyed, or the recipe you made!

Get some ideas to start you off on our YouTube channel.

Dig into nature with this week's Stay Inside & Thrive Challenge!

Get some details and inspiration at our YouTube channel.

Exercise your creative side with this week's challenge!

  • Read: A graphic novel or Caldecott Award winner.
  • Watch: An APL-created art video on YouTube, or an art documentary on Kanopy.
  • Do: Create a work of art.
  • Share: Post a photo of your artwork on APL's Facebook page.

Tanvi and Chris share their talents for this week's Stay Inside & Thrive challenge on our YouTube channel.

It's the final week of the Stay Inside & Thrive Challenge! (Don't worry, we have a new summer challenge starting next week!)

  • Read: In honor of Memorial Day, read historical fiction or non-fiction.
  • Watch: Watch a history documentary.
  • Do: Write a letter or draw a picture and thank a healthcare worker.
  • Share: Share a photo of what you read, watched, or listened to before you bring it back to the library.  

Check it out on our YouTube channel!