12 to Try Reading Challenge

12 to Try Reading Challenge for Adults. September 2023 through August 2024

Shake up your shelf, try something new, and earn a prize! 

To complete the challenge, read a book from each of the 12 challenge categories by August 31, 2024.

There's also a small prize for reading 6 books and making it halfway through the challenge.

Read your way

Read your books in any order and any format: books, e-books, audiobooks, graphic novels, etc. 

Read anything that fits the category. Our book lists can give you ideas, but there are so many other options out there!

Complete the challenge as quickly as you like, or take it slow and spread it out over the year.

Get Fresh Ideas

Each month, we’ll feature several books from one of the themes to help you choose a great read. 

Check this page each month, follow the Library on Facebook or Instagram, or visit the book displays on the second floor for recommendations.

12 to Try Reading Challenge tracking sheet

Track your progress on paper or online

To track online:

To track on paper:

  • pick up a reading challenge sheet at the Library's Adult Services Desk or Bookmobile.

You can also print your own tracking sheet: Reading Challenge PDF

Turn in your challenge and pick up your prizes at the Library’s Adult Services Desk or the Bookmobile by 5:30pm on August 31, 2024.


Remember, you don't have to read one of the recommended books! You can read anything that fits the category.