Meeting & Study Rooms

Image of the Ames Rotary Room

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Meeting Rooms

Library meeting rooms are available for educational, informational, or cultural meetings during the hours the library is open. Meetings must be free of charge and open to the public. Admission fees, donations, or other fees may not be charged or solicited. Meeting rooms are not available for fundraising, selling merchandise or services, soliciting for later sales, or placing orders.

Not sure if your meeting qualifies? Below are examples of gatherings that would be allowed in the Ames Public Library meeting rooms—and examples of gatherings that would not be allowed. Please note that some of the "not allowed" activities would be allowable in the Library's study rooms.

  • A community group meeting (for example, an Ames Camera Club meeting, Cyclone Country Aktion Club meeting, or Writers’ Group meeting)
  • A group rehearsal or practice
  • Business meetings that are open to the public, as long as they do not involve selling or soliciting for later sales of goods or services
  • Private social occasions such as a birthday party, family reunion, class reunion, bridal shower, wedding, or baby shower
  • Confidential meetings such as with your caseworker or financial advisor
  • Selling goods such as T-shirts or cookies, including fundraising for charity
  • Selling services such as tutoring or financial advice
  • Giving an informational program about goods or services you sell (considered soliciting for later sales)
  • Individual use 

Rooms may be reserved for the hours the library is open, but meetings must end 30 minutes prior to closing to allow for cleanup and exiting. Groups are responsible for setting up tables and chairs and for returning the room to its original condition.

Groups are limited to two library meeting room uses per month. (Multiple simultaneous room reservations for one event are considered as one use.)

Study Rooms

Study rooms of various sizes are available for individuals and small groups to use for two hour sessions. 

Two of our study rooms may be reserved ahead of time up to 4 times per month. The other study rooms are available on a first come, first served basis.

How to Reserve a Meeting or Study Room

You can request a meeting space through our online booking system. Click one of the options below to find a room and get started. You will need an email address to book online.

Online requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance. (Choosing an earlier time will result in a message that no rooms are available.) Requests placed on a weekend or after 5pm on a weekday will not be processed until the next regular business day.