Student Library Card

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The Ames Community School District and Ames Public Library (APL) have entered into a data sharing agreement to provide electronic library cards for all K-12 students. Student accounts have been uploaded into the public library’s database and are now available to students in grades PK-12. Our goal is to expand access and complement the resources already provided by teachers’ classroom libraries and media centers. 

With Student Library Cards, signing up for a library card is effortless! All K-12 ACSD students get an electronic Student Library Card when they enroll in school unless parents opt out.

Student Library Cards are an easy-to-remember number based on student school IDs. There is no physical card to lose, keeping student’s private information safer.  A student’s account number is the number 4 + their student ID number. Their password is their birthdate in month/day/year format. For example, April 9, 2010 would be 040910.

With Student Library Cards, students can check out up to 3 physical items at a time.  Online, they can get homework help from a tutor, find primary resources using trusted databases, access the New York Times and other newspapers, find a book to read, and download an audiobook.

Help them log on to the Ames Public Library website (using their account number and password) where they can:

Encourage students to visit with or email us if an item is lost or damaged.  We want to help them continue using the Library.

Ames Public Library does not charge overdue fines on materials returned late. Students are responsible for lost or damaged materials – however library staff are eager to work with students to resolve any account issues. Students continue to have access to online resources and materials even if they have lost items on their accounts.

Student Library Cards are automatically renewed each school year and can be used year round.

Students are welcome to apply for a personal library card in addition to their student account.

Parents may opt out during the registration process. Students or parents can opt-out at any point by contacting their school.