Battle of the Books

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Upcoming Battles

5th Grade: March 31, 2022

6th Grade: April 7, 2022

Students in grades 5 and 6 form teams, read a designated list of books, and come to the Ames Public Library for a final competition. Questions in the competition are based on facts from the books. Students have many months to read and prepare before the battle event in the spring.

  • 5th graders may compete in the 5th grade battle and 6th graders in the 6th grade battle. Mixed grade level teams must compete in the battle for the highest grade represented on their team.
  • Homeschooled families are encouraged to form grade appropriate teams with other home or public schooled students.
  • Teams consist of four (4) students.

Interested students must have an adult team sponsor who agrees to read all of the books in order to adequately prepare their students for the competition. Each sponsor may be responsible for more than one team and must be present at the competition to help with organization of teams or other necessary tasks. (If sponsoring more than one team, please appoint one adult per team to be in the room with each team the day of the competition.) Sponsors may be parents or teachers.


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