LEED plaque

Did you know Ames Public Library's renovation and expansion project earned LEED green building program gold certification? LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most widely-used green building rating system in the world. Library staff worked with all parties, from architects to construction crews, to keep the project and the completed building as green as feasible.

As library staff prepared for a new or expanded library building, location was an important consideration. The downtown area remains a relatively central location, and proximity to other popular destinations means patrons can couple library trips with shopping or other errands.

The CyRide bus stop and the many bike racks in front of the library make it easier for patrons to choose alternate transportation methods.

Bike racks seen through chandeliers and glass of Ames Pubic Library

Since the expansion, Library staff have been vigilant for opportunities for further improvements. At the time of the renewal project, the cost of LED bulbs for this building was prohibitively high. Now that the price of bulbs has plummeted, we are swapping out our old bulbs for the more efficient LEDs. The difference on our electricity bill is already noticeable!

LED lighting in the library
Solar Charging and Connectivity Station Bench in front of Ames Public Library

Why are there solar panels on one of our outdoor benches?

Made by SELS - Smart Era Lighting Systems, the solar-powered bench offers wireless and USB charging stations for phones and electronic devices, including USB ports and wireless. It also has built-in lights for night time. The system is completely self-sufficient, storing power collected by solar panels in built-in batteries. As an added bonus, the Library's wi-fi can keep you connected to internet while you charge.

Stop by and charge up while you wait for the bus or enjoy the fresh air!

Electric Vehicle Charging Station on 6th Street

One of the many Electric Vehicle Charging Stations installed by the City of Ames and Ames Electric Services is located in the Library's main parking lot! The electric charging stations are part of a broader City of Ames effort to electrify transportation.

Water fountains and filling station

Why buy another disposable bottle? Water bottle filling stations are incorporated into the Library's drinking fountains, making it easy to fill up whatever container you already have.

Solar trash compactor

Have you noticed the large green trashcans by the sidewalks outside the Library? They're not just a convenient way to dispose of litter; they're also a solar-powered time-saving machine! Compacting the trash means fewer trips for staff to empty trash cans, and using solar power means it's accomplished with free, clean energy. Look for more solar trash compactors around town and campus!

Ames Public Staff participate in the City of Ames Food Waste Diversion by putting food scraps, coffee grounds, and other food waste into a separate bin. The food waste is delivered to Resource Recovery to make into compost, keeping it out of the landfill!

Ames Public Library also encourages participants at our Free Summer Meals to place their food scraps in the Food Waste Diversion bins.

 It may look like a big bus, but the Bookmobile is actually a library branch on wheels. The beauty of a mobile branch is that it can be open where it's needed, when it's needed, without all the overhead of a whole extra building. It also saves many library users a trip downtown by offering regular stops in neighborhoods around town.

Bookmobile parked on sunny day